Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HAW - Wednesday the 18th???

I am doing one of those posting in advance things and I hope it works!  I know that I should put in the post date and time - but do I then hit "publish post"?  Well, I'll try and if it shows up early the world will go on spinning won't it!

HAW to you all, - I hope to come back from Florida with some new animal pictures - maybe some alligators.  Until then - here is the animal of the week for me in anticipation of being in lizard land.  Hmmm - I should add some shadows to this guy, show a little dimension. 

On another note, I just got this book recommended by this wonderful, pet loving lady. Thanks Lolo - it looks like a good read. 


Debra Kay said...

LOL (Love the Lizard).


Teri C said...

What a cutie!
I use pre-scheduled a lot so I can upload at the library with wifi instead of my summer dial-up. Yup, you just fill in the time and date and hit 'publish'


Forever Young said...

oh yes, i love lizzie the lizard! HAW to you too and lotsa wfs.

studio lolo said...

I'm pretty drawn to lizards myself. (no pun intended!) I used to paint these made-up fanciful geckos on clothing and flowerpots. I used to call my business "art Gecko!"
Love the drawing of this little guy! And you'll have to let me know how that book is. I'll bet it's a tearjerker.

sukipoet said...

I love this drawing. The colors are so soft and soothing. Perfect.

human being said...

crawling on a leaf
so happy i live!

beautiful drawing...