Sunday, June 22, 2008


I started this drawing on a plane back from England on my last trip.  One of the ways that I can manage a trip on a crowded plane is to withdraw into my own little world, and simply escape.  So, a pencil drawing was started. 

While in Florida on this recent trip there were times when all the obligations closed in, so I'd get up early in the morning and draw and paint until MIL got up, and shuffled down the hall to get her newspaper.  Then she'd come into the kitchen and we'd chat.  MIL is a funny lady, I think that her generation (she's 81) didn't really "talk" to men and therefore she only listens to her son, but doesn't really tell him anything.  Me...I get it all...until my ears stop working!  
Actually, I'm very lucky with my MIL - I've never had a cross word with her (okay, once - but that was it) and I can't complain about her at all.  She's been a widow for over 40 years, is active and very easy to get along with.  Just lately her hearing is getting worse and she hates the hearing aids so doesn't wear them.  This actually causes her to smile at inappropriate times which can be pretty funny. I'm trying to get her to eat better, but being alone so much she tends to eat junk food - and too many carbs and not enough protein. 
Anyway - here is the end product of my overactive imagination - and yes...I've managed to use most of the colors in my pencil box. Someday I'll get conservative with colors, but right now, I love using them all.   

I had to crop this scan for some reason.  When I scanned it in, I had to do it sideways to fit on the scanner bed.  Then of course I edited it and made it turn the right way and all. But for some reason when I try to upload it to blogger, it kept turning sideways again which would make the big fish swim upwards.  So what you can't see is the dog being walked on the upper left hand corner - in opposition to the dogfish in the lower corner.   Here is a cropped version - scanned in appropriately.  

Little Isabella might like this for her room, framed and signed.  Nice to have babies to do work for, before they get too many strong opinions. 


Debra Kay said...

Mim, I loved the line drawing but I love the colors too...and through the magical digital voodoo, we can have them both!

sukipoet said...

I especially love the octopus and yes, I too the colors.

Fern said...

oh yes, can't you just imagine being four years old and crawling yourself up onto a chair to stare and stare into a drawing like this to "watch" the magic and love and stories?

Isabella will love this. I am positve.

Lucky girl.

ElizT said...

I like the cropped one.
Your story brings a rush of different memories and thoughts to mind.

Blue Bhudda said...

this is one of the coolest drawings i have ever seen you do.It looks like something from Dr. Seuss or something it is really neat. We need to plan a movie date sometime soon.
love me

Forever Young said...

i adore this, it's sorta aboriginal without the strong colours, it's cute yet not too cutesie! lovely for a little girl.

Forever Young said...

don't forget to choose your favourite giggle or three, i have your address of course auntie mim.

studio lolo said...

I agree, this will make a great addition to any girl's room! Love it and all it's whimsy!