Saturday, November 15, 2008

I love contests with giveaways

and this one gives away a beautiful quilt! Look at the beautiful colors in that quilt . The rules are that you leave a post at this blog and link it and post a thingy on your sidebar. You can also make a video and post on you tube but that it too much for me! I found out about this at Karen's blog .

I hope I win! The odds are high but I feel a win coming on for something. Maybe it's the Bose Radio that my singing group is auctioning off - we didn't sell alot of tickets so since the odds are low I bought a ton for my nieces and nephews (and ME).

Regarding the quilt again. I just love pink - not bubblegum pink but rose, and dusty rose and all other delicate, subtle shades of pink. Why? Well my mom was a redhead and she tended to dress me as if I was a redhead (when she did dress me a million years ago). So I wore alot of tan and "classic" colors. And oh boy - I hated it. When it came time to choose my first dress - totally on my own - it was for my Bat Mitzvah and I chose a pink chiffon with pink sequins. Someday...if you're all good, I'll post a picture of that magnificent dress - which of course, had matching shoes. I really don't wear alot of pink, but I still love it. I love to sew with it and make girly quilts.

The lip is looking alot better - surprisingly fast! It the stitches were out it would just look like I had a fat lip. DH is worried that my mom will think he punched me, since I'm not telling her about this latest issue. But the rest of the family wouldn't worry about that, they'd know that if DH tried a punch, he'd be flattened by his tough Brooklyn girlfriend. He'd definitely look worse!!!!

By the way - I love pug dogs and thru Mariannes site found this site - another pug lover. Of course I immediatly went to her Etsy site and bought a few things..for Christmas presents of course, NOT for myself.

Time to get ready for my first spinning class in a year. 55 minutes of torture. Wish me luck


soulbrush said...

goodie, you're up and at 'em again. can't keep a good woman down!!! i think you would look like you've had some botox done!! ha ha .what a gorgeous giveaway this is. come and check mine too, have got one today on my blog.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mim!
oh thank you so much for the link and sweet comments. i am so glad you are feeling better! have fun at spinning! bike riding is one of my favorite things to do too. another thing we have in common!
have a great day!
:) melissa

sukipoet said...

That dress sounds amazing. Hope I'm good so I get to see it. :) Have fun spinning, whatever that is. I dont think it's with a spinning wheel and yarn.

Lynn said...

I want to see the pretty little girl in the pink dress!!!!
Good luck, I hope you win the quilt. If I won it I'd send it right to you!
Bravo for buying at ETSY!!! Homemade!!! YES!
You made me laugh with your comment on my blog this morning!
Funny lady!
Have fun spinning...55 minutes sounds like a lot for a first time in a year. I might start a bit slower, and build to that, but go girl, go! and have fun!

Debra Kay said...

I have a friend who is obsessed with spinning. I just want to raise the goats and herd them. Maybe we should have co-op? (Actually, I could shave the goats too, I used to be a groomer)

Teri C said...

So happy to hear things are returning to normal for you.

That is a gorgeous quilt. I can't believe someone would give it away. I hope it is to you.