Saturday, November 15, 2008

A warm but misty day to go for a kayak ride. The river was covered by wisps of mist that floated by with the gentle wind.

Doesn't it look intriguing around that corner?

Shoreline fog.

DH sailing away with no fear of what is hiding in that fog.

Gorgeous sunset - Doesn't it look the beginnings of God offering his/her hand to David who is also reaching out? What I really mean is that it reminds me of the Michaelangelo painting of God and David in the clouds.

Whew - edited this post Sunday am. Terrible spelling. Wrong words. Wow I must have been really tired!


Lynn said...

Very beautiful photos of a very beautiful day. It looks so serene on the water in the fog.
Not sure I see God or David but it is lovely sky and clouds.
Glad you are able to enjoy all this well.

Teri C said...

Gorgeous shots of nature!!

sukipoet said...

Beautiful landscape. Hope you had a renewing and peaceful time.

Debra Kay said...

Mim, some of your life is the life I wish I had. I had a kayak I never got to use (leg got in the way, then I moved). I'm not saying this in a bid for pity-I just want you to know how profoundly I appreciate your life.

Mim said...

thanks all. As I reread this I realize how tired I was but wanted to share the wonderful experience. Deb, I would usually do anything except get into a kayak - except that once I am in - peace surrounds me. Alone on the water. No pressure. It's so therapeutic - but I still have to force myself to do it.

kj said...

you've communicated that sense of peace right here right now. i can feel it all! thanks, mim


studio lolo said...

Just what I needed...a bit of a getaway, even if it was vicarious :)

I love foggy, misty scenes, but I think I'd be looking for Nessie or the likes around the bend!

So glad you've figured out the cause of your syncopatic rythym...whew!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

good morning!
what beautiful pictures. so peaceful and wonderful. thank you for sharing them!
:) melissa