Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday night - random thoughts

Two awards from my buddy in the wonderful city of London - thanks Joss - you're the best!

Go take a look at this fabric work - blew me away!

I refuse to listen to the news this week - too depressing and who needs it anyway. Get up. Go to work. Do your best. Trip on the sidewalk...fall flat on your face (again) and quickly get up and hope no one notices (high-ish heels, curb) Come home with a sore finger hoping for sympathy. Get little, if any.

And right now I don't feel in the least bit guilty that I hear the dishes being rearranged in the dishwasher. Continuing "discussion" - on the fact that I don't load the dishwasher well - my response is " you just want control" have at it!!

Finished three quilts for an unknown baby this week, the unchosen will go on Etsy. (oh, there is one that is SO cute, with a little pocket for a toy - wait till you see).

Leaving for Florida on Saturday. I should be glad but am not so excited. Too many people coming and no time for any solitude. Aren't I a pill?



Lynn said...

Poor baby, I am sorry you fell. Glad it wasn't worse, but your feelings must have hurt as much as your finger.
Silly person reloading the dishwasher!
I'd say thanks, that can be your job from now on.
Yes, news is hard to listen to...I agree.
Can't wait to see your precious quilts. Know they are wonderful.
If the Florida trip is for the holiday I bet you enjoy yourself by the time you get there. Just a hunch. Take walks alone and enjoy your solitude when you need it. Or take one of the people you care most about with you for a sneak away time. ;-) Lucy/5 cents!
Now kiss that owie and get all better soon. (no you are not a pill).

Debra Kay said...

It's hard to go on "vacation" that is really part duty. The big picture has kind of worn me out-I'm focusing on the details right now.

sukipoet said...

Glad you are okay after the fall. dishwashers. Everyone has their own way of loading them. Myself, I dont care all that much. At least FLA will be warm and sunny. Hope you have a good trip. Quilts sound lovely. Be well, Suki

studio lolo said...

Damn sidewalk! I always turn around and kick something invisible so I don't feel stupid. Hah! Glad you're okay.

I've stopped using the dishwasher altogether. My friend's husband always reloads theirs but he has OCD to the max. You know, canned food labels all facing out, each spaced exactly 1/4" apart, etc. I'd have to shoot him.
She walks away and does her knitting. Smart ladies, both of you!

soulbrush said...

ouch,not again, i worry about you.i have left my hubby to fuss in the kitchen after i'm done there, it's their age...the older a man gets the more he begins to nest...we move away from domesticity, they move towards let 'em. take care you!!!

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