Sunday, January 4, 2009

Still catching up

My friend StudioLolo, the ever so talented...gave out a challenge to list 5 things that keep my spirit happy and healthy every day. Here's a problem...I don't feel like I actively enjoy every day! And I should. There are things that I do every day that help - let me list them and see...

1) Get up early every day to enjoy my coffee in quiet - watch the sunrise if possible.
2) Enjoy my hot, lovely warm shower!
3) Go to work and enjoy what I do.
4) Always look to see if DH's studio light is on when I get home; that makes me feel warm inside
5) Try some art everyday.

But as I write this I realize that it's not enough to really support my spirit - and I have to find some daily activities that do good for me - be it exercise or a spiritual path, or more music. I don't know yet, but thanks Laurel for making me aware that I just ain't doing enough for myself. I have a bit of a fear of being selfish, or a princess and tend to do for others rather than myself... isn't that silly? Inner peace does not a princess make - and I do need to find some additional inner peace.

I will - this I resolve!

( just read this post - it resonated)

On another note, Ms terrific Soulbrush gave out an award - which I appreciate so much! Joss and I met this past April, and while the time together wasn't long enough - it was friendship at first sight! We will meet again I hope. She posted this picture also, but I just love it enough to post it again. We are in the car park of the hotel I was staying at where her patient hubby was waiting with Snuffs for us to complete our hour long gaggle.

Aren't we all gorgeous!!! And Pink!!!!

Third point. Vacation in Florida. DH got better, and we did some epic bike rides which were wonderful. But as usual, I get stressed trying to take care of me...Us...the folks...and the MIL. I simply don't know how, or have forgotten how to simply relax and let it all just wash over me. Is it a form of narcissism to feel responsible for others? There actually was not that much pressure on me to do things, I must be putting the pressure on myself. I might try self hynosis (have to learn how first) to bring a bit of relaxation to my mind. Has anyone tried that?

I will post some of Miss Em's impressions of this visit - have to finish inking them in.


sukipoet said...

Many years ago when I was very stressed re: single parent, my teenaged son and my job at a halfway house for the mentally ill, I began to listen to Shakti Gawain tapes which had some verbalized meditations on them. I think this is a form of self hypnosis, to take oneself down into the sub conscious realms and thence to suggest things. Such as, to imagine oneself a fabulous artist who a famous artist comes to visit and tells you how wonderful your art is. Just a top of the head example. I ended up almost every day surrounding myself with a bubble of light and protection when I went off to work. I went on from there to do a lot of different visualizations (self hypnosis) in different forms and from different teachers/books etc. Very interesting and worth a try to my mind.

Your five things sound good to me. Hurrah on the award and thanks again for the great picture of you, Soulbrush and Snuffles.

kj said...

mim, the brevity of your five things is a life lesson in itself! my favorite was your looking to see if the light's on in the studio.

i'm wanting more PASSION in life, and i've only recently considered the possibility that i can give that to myself. i pass this on to you just in case the sweater fits.


Teri C said...

I love your five things, brief and to the point.

And that is a wonderful photo of the two of you, you both just exude happiness.

soulbrush said...

you know what? it's the light in the studio that gets to me too sigh... and of course memories of meeting you my dearest one. my new buzz word is to just 'BE', how about joining me? let's just BE and think of ourselves a little too this year.

Lynn said...

Mim, I make a CD for my clients that is a relaxation/stress reduction mental self hypnosis exercise. I'd be happy to send you a copy. (email me your address:
It's me talking...
I also appreicate what I have learned from Shakti Guain's book Creative Visualization many years ago and continue to recommend it to clients as well.

studio lolo said...

I got so wrapped up in forwarding your link to "now" that I forgot to leave a comment. Duh. Sometimes I can't find my way back. I never was good at directions!
Anyway, I love your five things. I think we all sighed at the light being on in DH's studio.
I have that fear too about people thinking I may be selfish if I spend time with/on myself, but my resolution this year is self-care. Period. No matter what it takes or how long it takes. And I know people won't really confuse it with being a princess. The people I want in my life will understand it's self-preservation. Most of us (women) are so spent giving so much of ourselves to everyone but us it's no wonder we're all wondering if "that's all there is."
But what if it is and what if it's enough? How would we know it if we're so emotionaly or spiritualy bankrupt?
We all have a right to happiness Mim. Let's make this our year!