Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We had a very busy Christmas/New Year season this year - what with snowstorms, and ice storms and travel and colds, and Dad's 95th birthday and business travel, I never knew if I was coming or going. I still have laundry to do (but it takes a back seat to blogging, knitting and drawing). So I haven' t had the time to thank my friends for their wonderful surprises.

The talented Laurel of Studio Lolo sent me this wonderful signed 8x10 print - after I bought one tiny little card on line at her etsy store. I just love this image, I found it so refreshing and delightful. This is going in a special spot in my house. Thanks Lolo - it really means a lot to me.

Kerstin had a wonderful giveaway where you wished for something and your wish came true. I wished for a good night sleep - and received this beautiful, lavender filled, wonderfully scented pillow and have had deep dreamless refreshing sleeps since then. It's so wonderfully made and delicate. Kerstin, you are such an imaginative friend - thank you SO much for this pillow.

And my buddy Lynn sent me a relaxing tape, which really works! Her voice is calm and soothing and somewhat magical. I use it during the day to relax and refresh - and it also helps put me to sleep (on my magic pillow). Funny thing is that I go to sleep with the iPod buds in my ears and when DH takes them out - I sleepily protest "I like that tape!".

So, very belated thank you Laurel, Kerstin and Lynn - you made my crazy holiday very special!


Teri C said...

Each gift sounds wonderful and personal. Blogger friends are so wonderful!

Lynn said...

I'm getting a card of the Chanukah Tree from Lolo too. I just loved it.
That pillow is so sweet. What a fun giveaway that was.
And I am so so so happy you are enjoying and benefiting from the use of my CD. After some time you will be doing it automatically in your mind. Wait and see. Hugs to my buddy!

studio lolo said...

I'm just heading off to bed and thought I'd see if anything came in from my blogging buddies. I'm so pleased you like the print and cards Mim! I love to surprise people :)

And I just got my CD from Lynn today...I'll be putting it on my ears when I go to bed. Her menorah card is on it's way!

The lavender pillow is pun intended. Blogging friends are special. We're there for one another in so many ways. How did I survive before blogging? ;)

Sweet dreams Mim. Glad you liked all of your gifts. And thanks for coming to my Etsy shop!

sukipoet said...

these all sound so lovely. Wonderful to have world wide friendships. blessings, Suki

Artist Unplugged said...

These sound very nice, I am really enjoying the blooming friendships in the blog world! Thanks for visiting my site!

MuseSwings said...

How nice! Wonderfull things have shown up in your mailbox! I love the picture. It looks beautiful on your new blog look.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mim!
what a wonderful post and friends you have!