Friday, January 16, 2009

two days ago post, saved as draft and forgotten! plus random stuff

I started this post while in PEI - and got distracted so stopped - italics below

Thank goodness I am in a lovely little PEI hotel with gas fireplaces and lots of heat because it is -20 degrees F outside. Yup - read that again - it's "bitterly" cold (as the news is saying). I didn't appreciate all the business trips I used to take to San Diego during the winter - I'd call home and hear about the snow and cold and would commiserate and then go outside by the hotel pool. I am just hoping that I can leave today and that it isn't too cold for the tiny little plane to leave.

Suki was talking about moving to North Dakota and I think it is -50 there. I'd rethink that option!

The only good thing about traveling is that I can spend the nights in the hotel room and knit or draw or surf. I've been reading different blogs, looking at people's layouts and wanting to redesign mine - something a bit more me.

I do want to redesign the look of my blog - I'm getting a bit tired of only the blogger options and might even go for one of those professional headers. I think Teri did that, and I've seen a few others that I like. I just might try it.

I just finished reading this - fun read, quick but entertaining. I had another book on the plane that was such awful trash (but of course I had to finish reading it) that I wanted to leave it on the plane for someone else to find. So I stuck it in the pocket of the seat and slunk off the plane (tiny little 10 row plane) and of course, the steward came running after me with the book - all helpful and sweet about it. And of course, I took it. One of my biggest problems is carrying books around with me when I travel. I'm a terrifically fast reader (will discuss that later) and I have to carry a few books to take me thru a plane ride. OR draw on the plane and listen to a book, which is fun also but sometimes not really do-able. Has anyone tried a "kindle" - one of those electronic books where you can keep a few hundred books on the device? I'd be interested if you've used one - did you like it?

Reading fast - a talent that I have. I think that I don't read like everyone else. I read patterns, not words. Does that make any sense? But I've finally figured out that is why I have had trouble in the past reading Dickens and other older writers. Sentences were different, word patterns were different. I do much better listening to Dickens than reading him. And once someone gave me a book called Riddley Walker, with strange spelling and I simply couldn't get past the first page. I felt bad about that cause the friend who gave it to me just loved the book.

Off for the day. Belated Christmas with the twins.


studio lolo said...

-20 below F. I'm thinking the F doesn't stand for farenheit! I've always wanted to go to PEI. There are so many places in Canada I'd like to go. I guess I should start with vancouver before I leave the west coast.

I understand about reading patterns! I used to be a voracious reader and now I'm slower than molasses. Reading at bedtime (the only time I have) puts me right to sleep. It's been 2 years since I've finished a book! Oh wait, I did read KJ's book which I loved. I read it in 2 days because I wanted to keep the flow going seeing as a friend wrote it. It was really, really good!

I like changing my header. I have a hard time making a banner, so each time I do a piece of art I like I keep it in mind for a future header. I think this week's illo will be one eventually. I'm still liking my bag lady for now though.

Have a fun day with the twins!

Teri C said...

I actually told Suki to forget that ND option and I reinforce that :)

Redesigning is good. I created it using Blogger but used my own art. Lisa helped me fit my daisy in there. Now I'm thinking of changing that. Still thinking.

If I can help, please ask.

Lynn said...

I am intriqued with how you see words on the page! Is this a personal quirk or some form of dyslexia or from taking a speed reading course??? Just how your brain/eyes work? I want to KNOW.

I think there was a thing a while back where people left books laying around in public places for others to find. I think you could leave a note in the book to track where it went, but you probably don't care and just want to get rid of the book. I donate mine.

In fact lately I've been getting good FREE books at the Thrift Store and just returning them there when done back on the FREE shelves.

Burr cold here. Was very warm here today. Walking outside without a jacket quite doable.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Funny about the book. Now had it be a purse or something no one would have seen it. Yes it is interesting about how you read. They have speed reading courses. Your only supposed to look at blocks of words to read fast. or just let your eyes SEE the words with out pronoucing them. I try it sometimes. But I am always afraid I wont get the drift of something. :)
Burr I thought it was cold here but you're much colder then us. It's to cold for me there.