Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Animal Wednesday - more silly fishes

My silly fish project goes on. I have a ton more to do, but some work out better than others. Inspiration? Perhaps. I think I posted Lumpfish before in black and white. Here it is with a colored background.



I'm still having fun with these fishes but had some casualties with the watercolors. Paints were uneven looking (and not pleasantly so) and blotchy. Not sure what I did wrong, I tried to do everything according to the book; but I am used to different paints and different paper. Well, I'm learning.



King and Queen Fish




Porcupine Fish (just started)

More to come - these are all still a work in process. I just bought a little book on how to add texture, so Mr. Toad is going to get a thatched roof. What the heck!


Artist Unplugged said...

These are so much fun! The king and queen portrait is hilarious!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love your fishes Mim. I can't get over all the ideas you have for fishes. Is a frog fish a tadpole?? tee hee.... I love the King and Queen.

Teri C said...

You really have a great series going here! They are all so cleverly done.


Debra Kay said...

The fool and the sun are my faves!

kj said...

i love your imagination mim, and then the drawing that take form from it. there is an artisan in ptown who does this play on words but with asses. maybe you should think about that next...

ps i'm very fond of you... :)

Lynn said...

I like the permission to mix watercolors with ink and marking pen?, pencils (colored and black)...Love the zentanglish tail on one fish...and FoolFish is my fav of this wonderful school of fish. I see another book here.

studio lolo said...

I'm with Lynn regarding another book! I do love this series.
What's Miss Em been up to lately?

soulbrush said...

another hit! i love them and i think they are equally as good as ms em, and yes i miss her too. and haw to you girl!what about pesach seder tonight? if you still having one hapy pesach.

ElizT said...

They are all clever and decorative!
I like the fool.

marianne said...

These are fun!
I love the portait of the queen and king, that´s my favorite!


Paula said...

OMG ~ I love the king and queen fish !!!!!!! I don't suppose you'd like my mailing address, would you????? HA!