Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is it really Animal Wednesday already?

We got home on Sunday night and as you can see by the ever-so-realistic picture below; I got to read and draw all the way home - while my chauffeur flew along. It was lovely. Somewhat cramped conditions but no interruptions for a few hours.

But it takes me days to catch up after I am away. DAYS! Laundry is still waiting; a new desk is coming on Friday so I have to empty out the old one. Catching up at work - that takes alot also.

But it is Wednesday - one of my favorite days in the week. I did find my camera and wanted to show you a picture of an animal that was sitting in our bike path a few seconds before we road up. We heard a huge splash and saw this gator-gal swimming away with two little babies behind her.

She must have been about 8 or 9 feet long and her babies about 2 feet long. They were truly ON THE BIKE PATH!!!! To be fair, this bike area is a mountain bike park of about 13000 acres. Mostly wild, but with great carved out paths for the adventurous, and trails thru the woods for the timid. (guess which one I am??)

Have a Happy Animal Wednesday everyone!


soulbrush said...

thank goodness ms em and mr tee are in a car and not in a kayak! haw mimsie.

Cestandrea said...



Would be fun if this happened here in Paris but there are no bike paths, LOL!


Artist Unplugged said...

That would make me peddle like a mad woman!!!!!! I can relate to the catching up on the blog. I didn't go out of town but one really gets behind after missing a couple of days....have a great of my favorite days too!

kj said...

happy wednesday mim. emily rabbit wants me to tell you that if you try to bite an aligator's tail, they will get mad.

i'm sorry i am willing to pass this information on to you, but she kept harping until i agreed to tell you.

(hello ms em. how are you?)

Lynn said...

omygod alligators??? I'd be terrified. Do be careful. Gulp.

marianne said...

Wow aligators!!!!
that is more impressive than my worms......

Happy Animal Wednesday!

studio lolo said...

gators scare the bejeezus out of me!!

haw...and stay safe :P

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think you are quite brave to be biking in an area patrolled by gators. Cute sketch.

Debra Kay said...

That is so thrilling. Animals in the wild are so cool!