Sunday, December 9, 2007

Top 101 Artist Blogs

Kim over at Laketrees has compiled a top 101 blogs. I don't really understand the polling method but it was interesting to see some of my blogging friends listed : Emila who I know from Monday ArtDay ATC, and Teri from blogging comments and her great blog and Casey from our 100 things project (and a remarkable artist) are listed in the top 30.


Even more amazing is the fact that I can't change all the lovely links that I put into this post - Blogger won't let me and they don't show up very well. What a drag! So I'm putting them in bold - perhaps they'll show up better - let me know OK?


Kim said...

hi Mim
thanks for posting about the 101 list....:)
I will put your blog in the new listings section....
check out the list at the end of December as I have a feeling your Technorati ranking will get you into the top 101
regards Kim

emilayusof said...

Hi Auntie Mim! Thank you for the mention and thank you for the wishes you sent thru Monday Artday ATC! I've fave you!