Monday, February 25, 2008

A new Quilt idea

I’m so impressionable and it it is so easy to change my mind.

Two nights ago I was showing a friend the latest baby quilt that I had made. She was admiring it and asked me if I was going to make one for myself…no...not a baby quilt, but a grown up bed sized quilt. Loftily I told her that I didn’t like patchwork in my house, that it didn’t “go” and that I just liked to make it for others. She gave an “uh-huh” and just kept inspecting the latest project.

Of course, I started worrying about his, wondering why I like to make quilts for others but not for myself and while in the bookstore yesterday decided to spend a little time with the quilting books. Opened one called “Quilts in the Sun” by Kaffe Fassett and fell in LOVE with this quilt.

It’s sunny and warm looking and soft and wonderful. I grabbed the book and took it home and have been drooling over the quilts in this book all evening. I am about to go online to see how much the KF fabrics cost – it might shock me but I’m sure I could get similar fat quarters at Joanns.

Of course there are art projects to finish for class; more baby quilts for friends; ton's of housework to do, but what the heck.
But, tonight my sewing machine got cranky and it has to go the the sewing machine hospital. So I may do alot of cutting but not much sewing until it gets fixed.

I have always liked Kaffe Fassett's work and have done some wonderful needlework pillows designed by him. There is a restaurant in Big Sur called "Nepenthe" which I think belongs to his family or something like that. It's one of my favorite places in the world- overlooking ocean and trees and lots of ex-hippies floating around, eucalyptus trees, sunshine and peaceful feelings. Maybe along with a new quilt it's time for a trip to Big Sur again.

Here is that quilt hanging in an exotic location. Okay, so it won't look the same hanging on the front porch but it still looks luscious to me.


Nancy Bea Miller said...

What a lovely quilt! Looks like you'd just have to smile the whole time you were sewing it!

Debra Kay said...

That is an amazing quilt! Let's go to Esalen for a quilting class!

Mim said...

Nancy, I agree and Deb - you are so funny. Let's do yoga and quilting at the same time!

Fern said...

it's a beauty.
The quilts of Gees Bend make my heart sing. They couldn't be reproduced though.

Maybe they offer Heart Singing and Quilt Consciousness at Omega. It's closer to home than Esalen.

Debra Kay said...

Oh MIM-we could quilt Yoga Mat Covers! WE could be RICH. And it is a possibility, even for me, because I saw a self threading sewing machine on TV the other day.

Michele can run the studio we just got to find someone to open a coffee house in the coffee house area so we don't have to run out for coffee.

Michele said...

Oh, I so want to run the studio. And I want to have a special section for fertility yoga. When can we get started ladies : )

human being said...

Wow! This is one of the happiest things I've ever seen....
So cute.