Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Animal Wednesday - Tomato Hookworm and the Poison Ivy Factory

After doing much bike-riding and kayaking this summer, I am convinced that all Poison Ivy is NOT real - and that somewhere there must be a bunch of gleeful gnomes manufacturing fake Poison Ivy.  I mean really, there is SO much of this stuff around - it can't all be real.  So I imagined a little factory of bugs and gnomes and elves, just manufacturing this stuff in vast quantities and selling it to other bugs and woodland animals who want peace and quiet around their homes. 

This tomato hornworm is coming over with an order for a new batch of PI.  He doesn't look particularly hungry does he, but he does want some protection around "his" garden to ensure quiet, uninterrupted munching. 

Happy Animal Wednesday to you all


Slipstream said...

Wow, I love this style ... whatever it is.

I especially like the little house in the background.

and this is my real blog.
that post was a mistake.

sukipoet said...

Delightful painting. Love the color and whole concept around the poison ivy.

studio lolo said...

This is a great post! very children's bookish. Is he a hookworm or a hornworm? He's cute, whatever he is!

Great ivy theory :)

Teri C said...

VERY CUTE! Would you believe that my DH must have been over by you because just this am he showed some poison ivy that he got (at the golf course) but now I'm thinking it must have been at that factory :)

Debra Kay said...

Ohhhh, I could even love that worm!

soulbrush said...

he certainly isn't hungry, he looks well fed to me, what a sweetie...those elves and gnomes must've been over here too recently...ouch! HAW.

Curious Art said...

Hi Mim,
Thanks for your kind comments on my site! I'm new to yours too- enjoying it all-- very playful & clever stuff.

I'm particularly taken with this Poison Ivy Factory-- I'm actually quite willing to believe it's true! It would explain the people who swear they are immune, then after years of taking no precautions they suddenly develop the rash: all the time they were gaining false confidence with the decoys.
Unfortunately I've had all too many encounters with the real thing, myself, so the hornworm's tactics would work brilliantly on me.