Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Peaceful Night

Last night was unexpectedly peaceful. We were going to a condo meeting, for the space out at the airport. (our hanger for our tiny plane - and actually my "country" house - I'll explain later) Anyway, I was hoping to meet the other condo owners and perhaps their spousal units also and have a good time. As we drove up to the large hanger where the meeting was being held, I could see immediately that this was an old boys network and that I wasn't going to have a good time AT ALL. So, luckily I had all my traveling drawing equipment with me so I went to the hanger, opened the door and sat and drew....and drew....and drew! The meeting went on for four hours - I'm so glad that I wasn't there.

Tony was a bit frantic thinking that I was all alone in the hanger, perhaps stewing over being left alone - but on the contrary, I was having a lovely evening. Aside from being a bit hungry, I drew this fish...a new Animal Wednesday...three ATC's for a trade and doodled as shown below. I had no radio, no TV, no distractions aside from the airport birds (mostly plovers and swallows). I got to watch a beautiful sunset and enjoy the evening breeze with no mosquitoes. I was totally happy with my own company.

It's interesting to me how the blue section seems to come forward on this fish, which the green seems to recede. Is that because there is more black lines in the green section? Anyway, he's fishy and bubbly and I like him.
Just doodling - Hmmm....now that I look at it, it seems rather suggestive. Oh well... You can see the scan of the fish behind the doodle which was done on thinner paper.

I call the hanger my country home because I don't have a country house. Obviously one has to choose in life and we chose the airplane. No, not as expensive as a country house, but we still couldn't do both.

A Happy Tuesday to you all.

Note: after posting this I had a bit of "what a spoiled brat I must sound like - whining about an airplane instead of a second home". As I re-read it again, I give myself a bit of a break, no real whining seen. But it was interesting for me to review my own thoughts on large possessions such as houses, cars, airplanes, boats. DH and I are conservative to the point of practically hiding money in the mattress - and everything that we have is paid for (except the house, small mortgage there). We've worked so hard all these years to get these presents for ourselves - and we do enjoy them. I know how lucky we are, I really do count my blessings every day - that we are healthy and happy enough to be able to enjoy the things in our lives that we take pleasure in. Sure, we could buy a second home on the vineyard - and mortgage it up to the hilt. Lot's of our friends do that and they still sleep well at night. Me? I'd be looking for a night job to ensure that the bill collectors stay away from the door.
Enough justification.
Go to work mim - you need the money!!!!


ksklein said...

I couldn´t recognize any whining. Actually I would love to join you at the hangar. I could really need some hours quiet and without distraction.

Do you both fly the plane? And which distance can/are you allowed to fly.

BTW: The fish is great. It is one of my favorite drawings of yours.

Debra Kay said...

Oh, I love that fish-reminds me of my parrot fish in Mexico-the big one who lives under the bridge. Good times. I miss them.

The only possessions that I find off putting are the ones people have just for "show"...things that are used and enjoyed are things that are used and enjoyed. I'm babbling.

Teri C said...

Oh wow, I love both of these. Love love love the colors and energy in that first fish.

I'm not even touching the rest of your story because it sounds like you both have it all figured out just fine.

sukipoet said...

the fish and sketch are great. Good you had your art satchel along for the ride, eh? Sounds like you are enjoying the fruits of your hard work through the years and that is lovely.

Mim said...

K - I let him do the flying. It's my time to look out the window and just dream. We can go about 4 hours and then have to land for both gas and a bathroom break. we fly to florida all the time to see our folks, takes us about 7 hours.

glad you all liked the fish, I like him too. I do carry my art satchel along wherever I go - especially since the leg surgery. I never know how much walking I can do. So art supplies and books come in handy.

any yes, I am enjoying the fruits of my years of labor - guilt kicks in sometimes about "i have so much, others have so little" - perhaps its because the Democratic convention is on TV?

studio lolo said...

Delightful, delicious sketches! I love the freedom in the black and white doodle, and the fish is fanciful and wonderful.

Make no apologies for your life and how you live it. Good for you that you can enjoy what you have. So many people accumulate a lot but never have "enough."
Most of us just want a life well-lived. Good for you!