Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PEI and a Purple Mushroom

I didn't take a lot of pictures on this trip, mostly due to the rain and grey skies. But here are a few that I can share. 
First  - the Inn that I stay at.  Actually the whole block is part of the inn. I've only stayed in the main house, but hear that the other buildings are wonderful also. 
My room had a wonderful big, king sized bed with fluffy soft bedding - and this was also in the main room. 

Nice entryway to the room, peaceful. 

Monday night I walked along the harbor - had ice cream for dinner. 

We went out one night to a "Lobstah Suppah" and this church was accross the street. 

And that's it for PEI pictures.   
Got home tonight and DH was bike riding. When he got home he brought me a present (to draw he says - I'm thinking "POISON - LIFE INSURANCE!!!!) Actually I thought it was kind of sweet that he would be biking thru the woods, see this obviously poisonous fungi and pick it to bring home for me to draw. 
And the underside. 
Amazing looking ain't it? Any idea what kind of purple haze mushroom this is? 


Teri C said...

Looks like a great place-lots of ambiance. Love that purple mushroom!

Debra Kay said...

PEI looks like a wonderful place to work and get new perspective.

Sometimes the smallest things, like a mushroom, mean the most. "I was out on some me time, but saw this and knew you'd like it"......sharing of me time-that's love Mim.

soulbrush said...

hey that bath is something else...always wanted one of them, but how to get in and out is the question?
aaaawwww, he missed you! draw it for us please.

Ellis Nadler said...

thought that mushroom was a jellyfish

Lynn said...

The fact that he stopped to pick something especailly for you is the wonderful part here.