Tuesday, December 23, 2008

After the massive snow storm that hit the Boston area this weekend, Miss Em and the two Ms E's needed some sustinence. (the cupboard was bare by this time) So Miss Em took the two to the Sam Adams brewery - just in the very spot where John and Sam Adams; Paul Revere and John Hancock helped with the founding of our new country - and founded a great brew at the same time. If you look closely you can see that Miss Ermintrude is sneaking a smoke and both gals are having a pint. Miss Em worked behind the bar to make sure that her friends didn't over do it, and be too sick to go home for Christmas.
They also had a bag full of Victori-ewe's secrets goodies - but wouldn't show them here. Gotta have SOME privacy...please?
Eventually E and E had to leave from Logan airport to go back home to Mike in the UK. They are glad to be going home for Christmas - and if you look closely you can see that they left Miss Em a little present that she is carrying in her knitting bag. Is it wool???Thanks for visiting Ermintrude and Esmirelda! We loved having you here in the US - have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year back home. Say Hi to Mike from us all, and enjoy all your goodies.


Lynn said...

Miss Em you were the hostess with the mostess. You really knew how to give the gals a grand time. I bet they felt right at home with all that historic beer drinking in such a pub too!
I can't wait to see what you turn that wool into also.
I hope you are staying warm in the snow there! Some weather, huh?

Jude said...

Love to see you all next year....
Thanks for looking in
Peace and happiness

sukipoet said...

Looks like you all had a fun time. Glad their flight wasnt cancelled. It must seem so quiet without them. Have a wonderful holiday. Blessings, Suki

Teri C said...

Such fun!! Love those little butts on the stool and the basket of wool. Too cute!

Happy holidays Mim!

studio lolo said...

I love pubs! They do look cute sitting on those barstools with their dangling legs!

To answer your question, I sell prints or notecards of all of my images at my Etsy store. Usually prints are special ordered by sending me a convo. I think the info is in my intro to the shop. I'd give you a special deal though ;) Or you could send me an email to laurelgaylord@sbcglobal.net

I sent a few of the cards out this year and added sparkles around the flames...nice touch.

You and your loved ones please have a safe and joyous holiday and all the very bestest for the coming year!

XX Lolo