Saturday, December 6, 2008


Got this gadget of swimming fish. See if you can click on it and add food for them to swim to.


Jude said...

Oh I love that gadget!! Where did you get it from, can I have one??

studio lolo said...

That is one of the COOLEST things I've ever seen!

Mim said...

There are sort of letters in the top left hand corner - click on them and it takes you to a cool gadget site.

ksklein said...

I have something similar for the iPhone: the Koi-pod. :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is cool. I have to check it out too. Fun feeding something you dont have to pay for. :))

Lynn said...

Oh, i think I overfed the fish, have they died yet?

Too funny!!! the things you find.

marianne said...

Wow I love this!
A Sjimmie is waiting to be shipped to be to, can you mail me your adress Mim?
I will include the moo cards as well!