Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Creative EveryDay and Animal Wednesday (the fishes are animals - aren't they?)

After I got over feeling like this everyday (see piles above) I started to draw and sketch and generally enjoy myself. Interspersed with bike rides, I've read some "how to " books and magazines. I wanted to learn to draw legs - here is a study that I copied from one of the "how to" book. Cute guy eh?
Of course the study of legs is simply in preparation for my fish with legs - and I like this little set shown below. I have a colored version, but the scanner is is poor...that'll have to wait. Mr Big fish is teaching little fish how to walk properly and the little snub nosed fish feels a bit out of it! (but HAW anyway)

I also found this wonderful paper at the local art store - it's sort of silk screened with a black surface that is very toothy - almost like it has a bit of grit in it. So I worked on my bubbles...or yeast...or whatever. Mom likes it and wants to frame it, so I'm going to take it to the framing store and give it to her as a present. I don't want her to do it herself, as the pastels might get smudged.
So in it's own way, a productive and fairly relaxing week so far. DH still coughing, have him on antibiotics and hope that'll help.

Happy New year to you all!


Lynn said...

Well great study of legs. Please get a book on drawing penis' next, as this one is lacking!
The fish are adorable and the paper lovely.
You are having fun!!!!
Hope DH is better soon too.

Debra Kay said...

Next thing you know those fish will be riding bicycles!
I love the yeast too. I'll post a picture tomorrow of some bubbles of my own-Oliver would be sad if I didn't let him have his day.

MuseSwings said...

Excellent leg work, Mim! I still like Miss M's the best. Have a very leggy and happy New Year, dear bloggyfriend!

sukipoet said...

Lynn this penis may be lacking to you but I havent seen one in a good long while and it looks pretty cute to me.

Mim, hope yr DH heals from this bug. Love your pastel and love that yr mom loves it and wants it.

Happy New Year and may your legs improve (although they look pretty good to me) in 2009

studio lolo said...

I love your new yeasty-bacterial-cellular art piece!! It looks like it was very meditative to do :)
The fish with legs make me smile. Kind of evolutionary depending on what side of the fence you're on!

Have a wonderful, heart-happy new year my friend. Looking forward to more connecting in 2009!

Fern said...

I would love a "yeast-bubble"-patterned there a way to transfer pastels to fabric???

happy new year mim!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

happy new year mim!
i love your new painting!
m & e

Teri C said...

Those fish are hilarious! I like all your fun today.

happy New Year!
and HAW

Anonymous said...

Some great legs! And how wonderful that one of your responses to stress was to be creative.

Happy New Year !

ksklein said...

Happy New Year! It´s already 2009 here! :) I enjoyed the past year reading your blog and I like the fish with the legs.

soulbrush said...

ha ha i love the fishy legs and the non-existent penis (in this cold weather what else can you expcect lynn?) but ms em takes the prize for me. she is absolutley amazing, and i think 2009 should be her year and mr t. so glad you got over this hump and were able to enjoy the week anyway. appy happy 2009 to you, and did you get my doggie award? hugs.

studio lolo said...

I came back to tag you :)

caseytoussaint said...

Happy New Year, Mim! I love this illustration - I really identify with the little snub-nosed fish lately.

Debra Kay said...

Missing you, but if you have to be stranded, south Florida is not such a bad place to be stranded I suppose.

Have poached egg at Peaches in my honor...LOL.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love your fish with legs. Nice legs. Haw, a little late obviously but better late than never.

Happy New Year too.

kj said...

mim, your drawings are, well, truthfully....adorable and precious! you make me smile every time. the first one with the stack of books belongs in the new yorker.

happy new year to you. i look forward to getting to know you abit.


human being said...

i'm with Debra regarding the fish... fish on a bike... fabulous!

and your bubbles are awesome... i love such patterns very much... they make me energetic and happy...

Fern, if you'd like to transfer this pattern on your skirt, you should ask Andrea... she's a testile designer...