Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Off on vacation

Finally we are leaving for our delayed vacation - won't be blogging from the road this time (most likely). Mom's computer is old and slow...and I the only place I can get a wireless signal in their community is outside in the street. I look kind of silly in my PJ's searching for a signal in a Florida community filled with well dressed retirees.

Once I get there, I'll have a good time but really I hate leaving home. I over pack to compensate, and on this trip will bring my knitting and drawing supplies to keep myself occupied. Which I may not even touch! We'll be busy with cooking for Christmas, visiting friends and family, bike riding, exercising and being outside. And we'll have a good time, and enjoy being together...so why do I hate leaving so much.

One reason is that I reorganized my studio in the past two days and it is a cozy cave now. Having all my fabrics out was great in a way (I had them on bookshelves) but the confusion bothered me, so they've been put into the drawers (fairly neatly) of an old bureau. The mini-irish cottage that I've been working on for two years has been sent to the top of a bookcase to wait it's turn and that gave me space for another work table. So now I can draw on one table, and do crafts and painting on another table.

Here is some old vs new. The supplies storage area needs help. I don't want to invest in new shelving with doors but have had bad luck with the look of curtains. I just don't have that eclat that makes shabby chic work. I'll deal with this issue later. What I can do is to have the boys over and complete the ceiling task - covering the insulation with some white paper. This will hide the ugly pink stuff and brighten the room.

Old look
New look - exactly the same chaos.
The old corkboard was falling down. I had fastened it to the wall with putty and duct tape - my answer to most anything. So during our forced stay home time because of the snowstorm, DH fastened it to the wall with screws and things. I feel SO good about this; it's nice to know that it won't fall on my head and it just makes me feel good! More permanent.

Old look

New look

New Drawing area.

Old sewing area with fabric storage behind. It got worse! I put a wooden three tier bookshelf on top of the bureau and stuffed it with fabric. Easy to see but visually distracting.

Old look.
New look(s)

Trust me all - I know, and always remember, how lucky I am to have this space, to be able to indulge myself with learning new fun things. I love my basement space - and would spend hours down there if that were socially acceptable (do have to come up sometimes and socialize with DH).

So...we are off for a few weeks. Have wonderful holidays - and fun with families and much love to all.

And happy new year too .


The Muse said...

be safe on your travels...and have fun!
PS i believe you have great promise in your new look...i see a really good eye here, dont give up!
merry christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip! The weather in Florida, I assume that is where you're headed?, is rather cold right now - for us anyway. But I bet it will seem very warm! Merry Christmas!

Fern said...

have a happy new year mim.

I love seeing your work spaces.

thank you.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mim

happy holidays! have a great trip! i will miss you.
i love your space and all the things you did!
m & e

sukipoet said...

Have a wonderful time in Fla. It is warm there, I do envy you that. Your tidied up space will await your return patiently. May you have a wonderful year ahead full of creativity. Just one note, an opinion on putting all those boxes behind closed doors or curtain. To me, I'd rather have them out there where I can see what materials and notions i have available. Easier to search through and remember what is there. I have cabinets now with doors and would much prefer plastic see through boxes on open shelves so I could find things at a glance.

Mim said...

Thanks all - and suki - I'm the same way. I love to have my stuff where I can see it, but want it to disappear when I need mental clarity. Ah well, let's hope this is the worst problem to face in 2009

marianne said...

Merry Christmas Mim and enjoy your holiday!
Love your workspace and tidying it up always gives a great feeling ! Unfortunately when I do so I make a mess in no time......
See you later. Happy holidays!

ksklein said...

Hey MIm, have a wonderful trip. I really like your drawing space. ANd there´s a lot of stuff which looks very interesting and wonderful.