Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Animal Wednesday - a bunch of unconnected stories and one drawing

Not much for me today with animals! No new pictures, no new drawings - bad blogger mim.

But, I do think that everyone should check out Bernie's place and how to help her help animals. She's continually challenged with taking more and more animals in and she does it on such a shoestring.

I also heard that so many animals are being turned into shelters because of the oil spill. People who have lost their lively-hood can't afford to keep their pets - so it's all double heartbreaking. You can be sure where my weekly good deed is going to go.

On another note, my mom told me yesterday that she went to see some Labradoodle puppies, and luckily did not come home with one. She has on and off again wanted a pet and we are encouraging her to look for a smallish dog or an older rescue dog - but she hasn't seen one who's face she likes (I actually can understand that sentiment- we like particular dog faces in our family). My biggest concern is that she will get a pup that she can't handle and then try to get me to take it. Or a big dog that will pull her down. I've had to point out to her that she is 87 years old, and dogs live about 15 years or more and she is 87+15 means that I will end up with her dog, poorly trained probably and spoiled - which my hubby would probably NOT like, and she needs to be sensible....but she isn't. Which, in all honesty, I understand. The problem is that she wants a dog with a good face, who isn't small, and who doesn't shed. That's not easy to find at a shelter - we have checked out poodle rescue but she doesn't like their faces. She likes Lab faces. ARGHHHH.

I also have another animal story. When Roy was here this weekend, he and DH went kayaking for the day on Monday. Roy came home a bit wet - which I can completely relate to as I ALWAYS fall in the water when kayaking. I sympathetically asked him if he fell in - and I got a long story in response about how NO...he didn't fall in...he WENT in to protect his friend against a flotilla of marauding beavers who were charging them with intent to harm. He wasn't clumsy or uncoordinated - he was BRAVE!!! I asked for pictures and got none. I'm a bit suspicious of this evil beaver story - whadda ya think??

I showed him this picture of little girly water lily girls feeding a beaver - and if they can be brave, so can he I said.

He said that Monday's beavers were wearing war helmets, and carrying spears.

So, what started out as an apology post for not having anything animal has turned into a long convoluted post about animals. Guess that's OK.

So anyway...happy Animal Wednesday to you all.


studio lolo said...

I think the beavers were protecting babies maybe??? There's nothing like a mother's fierce love!

Speaking of mothers, oh God I hope she doesn't get a puppy! And I hope she rescues instead of buying. I know you do too.
What about an older dog who has recently lost it's owner? That always makes me so sad.
A non-shedder, that's tough! What about a schnauzer or a Wheaton Terrier. I think each one has a rescue group and they're both hypoallergenic, non-shedding breeds. Or how about a picture of a dog which she can take from room to room?

No, huh?

Poor Mom, I know what it's like to want a furry companion.

I love the drawing Mim! Very magical.

And I'm giving those spin-off books more thought ;)


Mim said...

this is a google test by me - not only blogger has me confused but google also!!!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Great story about Roy and his 'adventure' with this beavers and wonderful fitting drawing of the lilly-girls - they always looks so pretty.

I hope your mom gets an animal from the shelter, there are so many animals who deserve a nice, new and warm home.

kj said...

my god this drawing mim: it is SO good.

i too hope your Mom doesn't get a puppy and i too hope she might find an older girl who needs the right loving and will give it back.

i think this is an adorable post today. it was fun to read and all in good humor.

i didn't know beavers wore hats. there's so much i don't know...

love love

Teri C said...

Absolutely adorable sketch Mim, so full of life and emotions.


PAK ART said...

love the beaver story. Who knew that those calm, quiet beavers could be so menacing?! So maybe you need to go pick what kind of dog YOU would like next and then let it loose in your mom's yard and she'll find it and fall in love with it.

Katiejane said...

So funny, Mim. Cute little stories. I agree with you about discouraging your mom not to get that dog. I hope you can convince her to consider a guinea pig or something small. :)

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

love the drawing and the story...I see a children's book there.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I smiled through out this post Mim. Good job. The only bad thing is that your Mom wants a big dog. Not good. A friend of mine (78yrs old) has a minature poodle that she rescued from someone going into a nursing home. They are a perfect fit. I hope your Mom gets a small dog too. Maybe she won't out live it or you can find another older lady that needs a dog. HAW.

Lynn said...

mim i have the perfect dog for your dear mother...right now with all the upheavel in our home it is in a big black plastic bag in the garage with a sign on it that says white dog!!! but DH just said i could send it to your mother. i am not sure how my grandkids will feel about that,... i bought this huge white long haired dog for them for chanukah but their parents refused to take it home, wasn't house trained yet, but is now. it does not shed or smell, it has an absolutely adorable face that melts your heaRT...HE TAKES UP SPACE, BUT DOES NOT NEED MUCH WALKING OR FEEDING...JUST TeNDER LOVING CARE. A STEP UP PERHAPS FROM A PHOTO TO CARRY FROM ROOM TO case my grandkids still want this one here i got it at costo ...good luck!! i am still laughing from your post on animal wednesday.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

LOVE THIS POST!!! Love the stories. and love that drawing. It is interesting how people are drawn to one type of dog. Our Annie reminds me of my childhood dog. Altho black and white and a cocker mix she has the same kind of face. My mom was partial to poodles. They have a sweet personality and face. We got a small silver gray one when I was a teenager. They dont shed but you do have to groom them. so not so good on the pocket book.
I think maybe she ought to take up Lynns offer. LOL

Baino said...

Haha marauding beavers and I always thought they were timid little things mind you they have nasty protrudin' teef. Love your drawing very cute. As for dogs for the elderly, do you have a companion dog program there? They'll give you a trained dog. Often a lab but they're great dogs even though they are a bit on the large side and unfortunately, they do shed.