Tuesday, July 20, 2010

not much

This was supposed to be a video of the bike trail. I turned on the video thing on my camera and let it record while I rode along the trail. It was a pretty boring video but silly enough to post. But blogger won't let me - I've tried three time and keep getting an error message. I think blogger is protesting my lack of sophistication in blog design - do you agree?

This was from Saturday - it was about 900 degrees out but the bike trail felt good cause we got a breeze.

We've had a friend up from North Carolina and I picked him up on Sunday afternoon in the city, in the little car which has a stick shift. I look great in that car, top down, hair flying in the breeze until I try to make it go.

Shift into first - hold my breath - start to go - shift into second - jerk, jerk, squeal, stop. Ooops, sorry - start the car again and try all over again. Roy was laughing so hard he was NO help at all. I got him home tho and we had a lovely visit.

We drove him to the city last night where he is staying for a business meeting - left the house at around 9:30. JUST when the big storm was hitting us. Before we got on the highway, he realized that he had left something at the house, so we had to turn back. Coming down our street we nearly ran into a big tree that was down across the whole road. Thank goodness for new tires and good brakes.
Of course he found his wallet in the car, under the seat.

Darn Blogger - still won't let me upload that creative video. Maybe another day.


studio lolo said...


Having been down your street I can picture the herky-jerky shifting of the gears on that winding road. So funny! Sorry...:)

That storm blew through here in the afternoon. Wow!! What a downpour. Not much thunder but the rain did cause some flash flooding.

What's up with Blogger these days? Sheesh!

Stay cool Ms. Mim.


Marion said...

But it's a lovely photo of the bike trail, nonetheless. Blogger is very inconsistent these days...even with gmail.

It sounds like a true adventure with you and the stick shift, Mim. I loved that your friend found his wallet under the seat!

Robin said...

Mim, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN you were a girl who could drive a stick shift! I never learned and always have to pay extra when renting an automatic - especially in Europe!

Funny story - and well told!


♥ Robin ♥

p.s. The "Blogger-Monster" is really becoming such an irritant!

Lynn said...

love the two images...hair flying...jerk, jerk...it would make a great comic book page with ms em driving...

ps: my word verification is mythin...i hope thats a true fortune...or perhaps a message that i am to skip lunch today???

Jos said...

Every other summer I go to Heathrow (UK) to pick up my brother and his family who visit us from Canada for their holidays.

Because of the logistics my hubby drives my sister-in-law & the kids home whilst I have the dubious pleasure of accompanying my brother in the rental car (for one thing he is a shocking navigator!).

Now here in the wilds of Europe stick shift is still pretty standard fare. The upshot is loads of kangaroo-ing cars all around the airport. Big bro being one of the worst culprits (the language is unbelieveable he he). Hilarious ... and a younger sister's revenge all in one ... sweet!

Oh ... and Blogger is acting up. I hope "they" sort it out soon. xx Jos

Snowbrush said...

That's quite the bike trail you've got there. Does it follow an old railroad bed by any chance?

Katiejane said...

I think Blogger hates us all these days! I'm having so much trouble with it.
You are so brave to try to ride in this horrible weather. You're a better person than I am. I run from the car to the house and back. I will never complain about winter again.
I'm glad you had a nice visit with your friend.

Mim said...

I just posted a response to a few questions/comments and blogger didn't post my own comment on my own post. it must have been the comment that we should all move to typepad that got it mad!!!

kj said...

mim, that storm blew in here and lasted all of three minutes, but my street was flooded from it. the plants however seemed nothing short of grateful.

you can't be saying things like that to upset blogger. imagine if she decided to charge us even a dollar a month. ha! i wonder if that would change things. but mim, if you are going to threaten blogger, i think you should include swear words. just a suggestion.

i'm not scared of you either, btw.

guess who

~Babs said...

Oh yeah,,better you than me pedaling in this heat! I wouldn't make it out the driveway.
Now that stick shift is something I could still do,,,,top down, hair blowing. Wow,,,I remember what that feels like. I had a Triumph TR-3 in another (younger) life. It was very old and stalled out in a half inch of water on the street,,,but oh man I loved that unreliable, fair weather, wondrous car!
Thanks for the memory!
Yes, try the video again some time, maybe it will co-operate,,,

Lori ann said...

I had the same trouble trying to upload a video. I thought it was me, i'm not exactly sure if it wasn't. haha.

Funny story, i could picture you. We once rented a car in Africa, my husband tricked me into driving, it's a long story, but it was either that or navagating and i'm worse at that. The car was manual but everything was reversed, the driving wheel on the right, the stick in my left hand, i kept turning on the windshield wipers when i meant to turn on the signaler. I cried alot. But we made it to our destination.

PAK ART said...

Funny stories all! I too have never perfected the standard shift. I've done it, but it was a rather lurchy ride to the grocery store that time. I'm not likely to be renting cars in Europe though so why bother.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Peaceful photo, not boring at all, lol. Your driving experience reminds me of learning to drive in my dad's MG Midget...and he was laughing just as heartily! I find that learning to drive with a manual shift makes you a better driver, as you have to anticipate what's ahead. Sure would be hard to do what so many do now, drive and use a mobile phone...