Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Animal Wednesday - a new type of camera

I got this funny camera as a sort of a gag. It's binoculars with a camera built in. It comes with a photo management system that is just awful - won't let me do anything with the pictures but email them to myself...from my own computer!! We took it on a bike trail this weekend and I tried to get some good pictures of an Osprey that is nesting off one of the trails.

The first picture is with my regular little point and shoot camera - zoomed out to it's closest. The second one is with the binocular camera. Fuzzy and not great but I can get in closer with that camera. The third one is a cropped blown up version of the first one.

No doubt about it = I need a better camera with a good zoom lens.

We also got this egret - he was kind of far off and didn't come out too bad right?

Happy Animal Wednesday everyone!!!


Marion said...

I've never seen an Osprey nest, so this was a treat for me! And it even has an osprey in it, looking for all the world like a very serious judge!

Thanks for these, Mim...Happy Wednesday!

Teri C said...

Isn't it amazing what cameras can do! I like mine until I see a newer better one.
We see lots of osprey nests around here but being near the lake makes the perfect area for them.

Love your egret.


kj said...

mim, i have a canon sr i can't-say-what-because-i-left-it-at-lo's but i can tell you it has a 20 times zoom capacity and what a difference it's made in my basic and shoot modest photo career!

later, alligator. ♥

Lori ann said...

My biggest lens has to be used with a tripod, and i love it, but i use my digital point and shoot more now, it's just so easy!

The egret looks like a painting!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

We almost bought one of those cameras you are talking about. Sooooo glad we didnt. your camera did much better blown up and cropped. I LOVE the egret photo.

Robin said...

Ooh....I love the Osprey photos - all of about a magical setting... I wish I had a camera with a great zoom lens....sigh...but, you can still do a lot with a "point and shoot"...

The Egret is so majestical....



♥ Robin ♥

p.s. Your "Miss Em and Emily V.V. Rabbit Cartoon" is WONDERFUL!

AtelierBrigitte said...

I love these pictures of birds. I have this silent wish to get me a camera with a big zoomfunction so I can shoot wonderful pictures as well from such a distance.


Lynn said...

The shot of the egret and the water lilies looks like a painting to me...might you "grid it out"?

Love all the wild life!!!!

The hawk who visits my office is back today!

marianne said...

Oh that last picture looks like a painting!!!!!
And yes buy a good camera, you deserve it and it brings a lot of fun!
I have a Nikon D 60 I love it!!!!
And you are in nature so often I think you will enjoy a really good camera.
Go for it!

happy Animal Wednesday!

studio lolo said...

I have never heard of that type of camera! Sounds like it would be good for an outdoor woman such as yourself ;)

I have Nikon Coolpix90 and I love it. It has 24x zoom and you don't have to change lenses....and man is it light! I also liked my simple Canon Sureshot too. I never thought I'd switch from being a 35mm girl, but hey, it's all about instant gratification these days...and yes, a good shot.

These are wonderful Mim. I love lily ponds and egrets. I remember way back when Cape Cod was building these Osprey poles to repopulate them. Wow....they're back!!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have often wondered if those bins with the camera were any good. I bet you have to stand statue still to get any kind of a photo. HAW.

ArtistUnplugged said...

Hey Mim! Hope you have a safe trip. Love the photos! I have been so absent, just been catching up with your posts. Of course, I am intrigued with your trip to awesome!!! The pics so far are beautiful, your mother is adorable!!!!! I hope you have been well, have missed you guys and have felt lousy for not checking in on you more, been a very hectic summer with O art for me! Take care.