Friday, July 16, 2010

Mitzvah Friday

One good deed that I am going to do for myself is not to obsess about posting on Fridays. If a good deed is done that one wants to share - so be it. If's all OK.

In addition to quite a huge haul to Goodwill of clothes and shoes, all of which are in great condition, I painted a postcard for my brother of the house we stayed at in Lucca, Italy. It's a quick watercolor - and I hope he likes it. Tiny reminder of a fun week.

(yes, this is the same postcard that I posted earlier in the week - I got excited and confused about posting dates...)

I heard about this group and am looking into how to help. I like helping with something that gives directly to people, or directly helping animals or people without going thru a huge organization. I donated to help with a package being sent, but am investigating other ways to support them.

Have a lovely weekend


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whoever receives this watercolor will love it. Have a great weekend.

Michele said...

I love your plan of not obsessing about the Friday post. I do freak out about it when I realized it's already Friday and I haven't done any good deeds all week. Only it occured to me this week that I probably do more good deeds than I realize as a part of everyday life ... I just might not be thinking of them as good deeds or tracking them because I'm too busy. Happy Friday : )

marianne said...

Beautiful watercolor Mim!
LOvely memory.

I never give to huge organizations because then I must pay first for the office and car of all those managers.
Small direct help is so much better and more fun!

Great idea!

have a nice weekend!

Robin said...

Mim, this is such a beautiful watercolour... and it means all the more because you saw the scene with your own eyes...and that definitely enhances the art...

I have tried to be a "good" and positive person this week... and must say I DID let an older couple with less groceries than me go ahead in the queue. We had a small, 'gentle" argument about it...BUT, I insisted they go first.. and.....I LOST. THEY I stayed in front and as I was leaving, the gentlemen "raised his cap" to me amd his wife smiled... Okay, I tried, I lost....but I think, in the end, everyone was happy..


♥ Robin ♥

studio lolo said...

That looks like a wonderful cause Mim. And I don't think you need to list your know you did them and so do the receivers, right?

I joined a care package group several years back. I chose a poor family from the south. I got a list of things they needed supplies for 13 year old girl living with Grandma, clothes, dog food.

I sent a boxful of notebooks, pens, markers, backpack, you name it. I also sent some clothes in the size listed as well as a huge bag of dog food and a case of cans. The shipping alone was phenomenal and as always, money was very tight for us.

Do you know what I got back?

A note saying the jeans weren't designer jeans and the backpack wasn't her favorite color and her dog was too sick to eat the food but they couldn't take her to a vet...blah blah blah. I was so disheartened, so now I choose my charities carefully.
I don't think you can go wrong with this one though. I do think it all goes to the troops because it's not's care packages you had fun picking out.

I may want to sponsor a family again, but my next thought is going to the elderly care facility down the street and adopting a Grandparent who has no one left.
Maybe they'll paint with me because I need an art buddy ;)

Mim, your mitzvah for today was thinking of ways to help the troops!


Lori ann said...

You are a sweetheart Mim!
I love to help where i can too, and i agree it's good to keep it person to person (if you can).

One time in a village in Africa i was asked for money, a lot of money.

Another country, another village, still in Africa, i was asked for a dictionary, can you guess which village i stay in touch with (and have sent many books and dictionarys too?) And they are SO grateful, it's really lovely.

i hope you have a great weekend too!

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Lynn said...

some times i think some of the best mitzivot are the ones done anonaymously ...boy i wish we had spell check here...
i still love the water color painting..

Baino said...

Lovely idea as are the care packages.

kj said...

aw mim, i think you are your own version of an angel. when we met one another in that little restaurant booth, that was confirmed. your heart is HUGE!