Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Animal Wednesday - kittens

I am away for the week on business and visiting family but am posting this funny video in advance - TOO cute

Kittens and boxing

My favorite part of superbowl season is the funny "Puppy bowl" that Animal Planet puts on at the same time. Have you ever seen it? Cracks me up every year!!!

Puppies and Kittens - wonderful!!


kj said...

oh mim.



Robin said...

Mim! I laughed so much!!!! This is adorable! Thank you for a real day-brightener!

Hope you are enjoying sunshine....we had a six hour respite from the greyness yesterday!


♥ Robin ♥

AtelierBrigitte said...

So adorable - just like the one I posted last week.

Too bad I didn't have time to post anything this week, but still a HAW for all of you!

Michele said...

I sooooooo love kittens : )

marianne said...

So adorable!!!!!

HAW to you!

studio lolo said...

D-A-R-N!!! I've been here 4 times and I still can't that video to stream for me :(

I know it's adorable because I love boxing kittens too...and the puppy bowl!