Friday, July 23, 2010

Not so many Mitzvahs this week.

Altho' I did give to the homeless animals who's families can't keep them because of the damn BP oil spill; and I did a pledge to Bernie's Place to help her out.

On the other hand, I - along with many others in my group - were gleefully giggling at the end of the day Friday because of others discomfiture. Here's the story. I have mentioned that my division is getting sold off from my big corporation. The corporate people haven't been real pleasant to deal with - somewhat " we're still in paradise" attitude, and really pretty snarky towards us poor losers who are getting sold off.

Today we found out that the WHOLE COMPANY might be sold off!! It actually would probably be great for us, as the stock price will rise and who's going to argue with more money in one's pocket. But there were also a few quiet grins and snickers at the expense of the people who ahve been snobbishly avoiding us and are who are now trying to be pathetically friendly. I did actually feel a bit guilty at feeling smug on a Mitzvah Friday - but I got over it.

So here I am, a mean girl, feeling a bit happy that someone else might be suffering too. The best deed that I can claim is that I didn't say anything to anyone who was feeling down - I did not gloat, I didn't snicker.

I owe two for next week.


Lynn said...

I am pretty sure that "Lashon Harah" (evil tongue) is just as bad if thought as well as spoken; a sin for us Jews! Just thought I'd let you know. ;-)

But as a fellow human being I can well understand your feelings. So I won't tell.


Mim said...

You're right Lynn - ah well - I ain't no angel...

studio lolo said...

Mim, if the shoe were on the other foot first you would have been there to offer a hug and soothing words. But the shoe was on your department first and they snubbed all of you.
I think it's only natural to have a 'how do you like me now' attitude. I still don't think you meant any harm. It's just natural to have a "HAH!! So there!" moment.

So there! Jyst sayin' girlfriend ;)


studio lolo said...


I just went to Bernie's place and made a monthly (recurring) donation.)


Marion said...

Ah, well...we're only human, right?

And you know what? I am convinced you're not a mean girl in any way!

Baino said...

Ah gloat a bit. You sent me a print, that's Mitzvah enough. I love it!

soulbrush said...

as far as i am concerned, you go right ahead and gloat, it's your due in this case, the pain it has caused you.