Friday, July 30, 2010

Mitzvah Friday

Yesterday (Thursday) I drove from LA to San Diego, worked there for the day, then flew to San Francisco and then to San Luis Obispo. A long, long 14 hour day - hot sweaty and yucky.

So what was my good deed?

There was a lovely lady in front of me in the security line with an adorable 18 month old girl and another expected in about 10 minutes from what I could see. She had about 10 things to carry and her little girl really wanted to play with everything that she was putting onto the security line.

So my good deed was to distract that little adorable girl while her mom struggled with all her stuff and going thru the line and X ray and everything. I got the kid smiling and happy and distracted her a bit. They all got thru the line and we went our separate ways.

Little things eh?


Robyn said...

that's a lovely way to turn your day around.
just one moment can change many :)

Lynn said...

What a lot of traveling up and down and up and down the CA coast you took. So wish you could sit in SF area and we could meet up in person one of these times.
Maybe have a layover at our house! I'd gladly give up my bed to you!
And even use my new swiffer! LOL
Yes, a nice and fun mitzvah!

Lori ann said...

Bless your darling, helpful compassionate heart. This young mother will remember your goodness for the rest of her life (i hope she was gracious of your kindness).
I was in so many situations with 5 little ones (always 2 in diapers, seems like forever) and the people that helped me even if it was only a kind word or look, made my day (month, year!)

I'd say that was a very big little thing.

(sorry it didn't work out to meet).


kj said...

okay, mim, you've got me hooked. i will do this too. because you know what, and i don't say this to brag: i do alot of good things in an average week. i think it's because i happen to be in places and circumstances where it's easy to do good things.

with love,
saint kjbabe

Mim said...

This mother was very grateful for the distraction! Most moms in the same situation are happy for a smiling face - she gave me a big thanks and smile and made my day in many ways.

marianne said...

These little things brighten up a long working day :)

Enjoy your weekend Mim!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure that Mom was so thankful.

Robin said...

Mim, that was a really kind and caring thing to do.....

Ah, you were at close....wish you had had time, we could have met for a quick coffee.... (well, at least you saw the fog I have been complaining about for "eons")!

Glad you are safely home!


♥ Robin ♥

Baino said...

Ahlittle things indeed. Reminds me when Clare and I were watching a parade at Disneyland and two little girls with their elderly grandma couldn't get a good view, we spent the whole parade with them on our shoulders squealing with delight and kicking the bejesus our of our chests!

studio lolo said...

Well I'm smiling at the faces you were probably making to distract the little one!
To me, you radiate jubilance all the time. She must have been riveted by you...and the mom was blessed to have you be the next in line.♥

Marion said...

How wonderful that you were able to distract the little one. It sounds as if you helped start the trip on the right foot for mother and daughter! I know you must have felt happy by it as well...I know I do, when I help mothers and their kids.

Michele said...

As a mom, I know what a truly good deed that is. : )