Saturday, December 1, 2007

Altered Book

I am taking a collage class and we are attempting our first altered book. The theme is "Threads" and we each do own own book cover, and a page, and then complete 4 other pages to share with the other people in the class for them to put into their books. In return I get 4 different pages from everyone. Here is my cover - work in progress of course. Woven paper, gelled, stitched, embellished.

Here is one of the inside pages.

It's fun to stitch and embellish and glue and find things to put on top of other things.

One other piece for another student - I like the little paper quilt.


steve said...

Wow, very nice work Mim!

Quilt Knit said...

Thank-you so much Mim for posting to my blog.
I love my iPhone. Three people that I have recommended the iPhone to, and they purchased and are using it are thrilled. To really see if the iPhone is for you, may I suggest stopping by the Galleria Mall, in Cambridge, MA. They have terrific enthusiastic staff that would be than happy to help you with all questions you have on the Mac, and the iPhone.
Thank-you, for mentioning son. I received an email this morning. Knowing men - He did not keep note of the new phone numbers We were given with the iPhone. Somethings never change..


Wow! Mim: Glad I came over to your blog. Great collage exercise and would be great for an
exchange with friends.

Have a super day! I bet the party at MFA was nice.


Forever Young said...

this looks like something my class of five year olds would enjoy doing.
i couldn't post the portrait i did of you on the udgang site, have a look, there's no way to post on yours. so i put it in my gallery of work i've done so far.

Michele said...

These really are amazing and so beautiful.