Sunday, December 30, 2007


It's Sunday night. Spent the morning with my 88 year old aunt, showing her how to use her new phone and then went to the beach for a few hours. Now we are getting ready for the social event of the day - Dinner out with my 'rents. Rolling walker and all!!!

New Year - is Switchsky shutting down? Maybe. I am not a big fan of change, and fight like hell to keep an even keel in my life, but stuff changes - right? Or maybe I can do a Pleasantville thing to keep things the same ALL the time. Imagine writing the same posts over and over again. (minor claim to fame; Bill Macy went to Goddard at the same time as me - that's where it ends)

Something tells me that this will be a year of change for alot of us. Sort of a tickling in my toes right now.

Ah well, time to go home for a few days, work awhile and then come back for Dad's 94th. Grant him many more, oh ye the great birthday giver.


Debra Kay said...

I have that itching too-and my horoscope said "hold off on making decisions..." ahhh, the chance to procrastinate approved by the stars...LOL.

It's funny, when things change too fast, I complain, but if they stay the same...I complain. Gotta work on that.

Mim said...

I so hear you. the fear of change and the need for change. Not easy...

Lynn said...

94. whew. wow. good for him. People, a lot of people, seem to be living longer lives...My dad died at 72. Oldest male cousin is 90 something... Oldest female cousin is 82 and doing well. Mom died at 82. Her youngest sister and husband turn 89 last day of this month. I think our chances are good for getting really old.

Change can be good. I see new doors opening as new opportunities.
I love all the new things I started doing in 2007. Am excited to see what evolves in me, from me in 2008! And I'm a very young 66 and a 1/2.