Sunday, December 30, 2007

Enough of this end of the year stuff already

My ATC trading group is doing a trade with ATC's from your hometown, or "Hello from" etc. In the spirit of a frugal New Englander, I did paper, scissors, magazine images and colored paper ATC while not having my supplies with me. I like this constraint, and am going to try this a little bit more. ( I do see the disturbing tangent in the lobster one, but decided to ignore it)


Debra Kay said...

I finally looked up ATC to verify that I was correct in my assumption. What a lovely art form. Maybe I need to take that up for 2008.

Here's to ATC's and Red Cowgirl Boot Planters.

Mim said...

ATC's are pretty instant gratification - big plus in my estimation.

Lynn said...

I guess I'll have to look it up myself...ATC.
These look like fun to me. Why tangent in lobsters? Done this before?
I like the looks of all of these.

Mim said...

Lynn- ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards - they're fun and easy. The "tangent" is something that my husband keeps talking about - something about when you get one element too close to another element but they don't overlap - they just cause a uncomfortable design element - who knows! he's the designer, not me!