Monday, December 10, 2007

My last post( of the day) !!!

Gosh - I've done alot of these in the past few days - it's either feast or famine with me. But I really like this collage I did for IFN - topic: rack 'em and stack 'em.

I started thinking about stacking or stacked, and then racks and deer and stacked deer - and on and one. So this one got born. It's like "Attack of the 50 foot Woman" - anyone remember that Sci-Fi film?


ksklein said...

I don´t know the movie, but I do hope that it isn´t as scary as the title of your last post. "My last post!".
For a second I thought you would stop blogging.

:) I´m glad you are not!

Forever Young said...

hope she isn't supposed to be miss patti play doll all grown up, that would be scary.

Debra Kay said...

Did you ever see the remake with darryl hannah?