Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Picking Paint for my basement studio.

My entire house is painted in "Navaho White" which means that it is bland, bland, bland. I cannot pick colors for walls - it absolutly terrifies me. Tony is good at picking colors, but also has a savoir faire attitute about color - if it doesn't work he thinks about repainting - but only after years of thinking about it. That means when I pick a color I have to live with it whether I like it or not. Hence the Navaho White.

So we are painting the basement and I picked what I thought was a peachy color and I went down tonight to find a horror of a pink-flesh colored room that is just awful. It's like being inside a lit womb. Opressive, awful. I went nuts and am insisting on another color, poor Tony is ready to pull his hair since the guy bought the paint and whatever.

Here it is. What do you think? Would you be bitchy and repaint?
As my mom would say " this should be your worst trouble" so of course on top of being unhappy with the color I am miserable about being miserable about the color. Oy....


caseytoussaint said...

What I do in these situations is add a glaze. You'd be surprised at how much it can help. It's really hard to project the color a room will be from a tiny paint chip - we've all done this - don't feel bad about it!

ksklein said...

well, actually it depends on what the room is for. if you do use it for something and spend your time there i would repaint it, as i don´t like the color.
but if it is only a storage place i would leave it like this and wouldn´t really care about the color.

ksklein said...

just read in the headline: basement-STUDIO!
so which color is it getting now? ;)