Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's snowing again here....

I'm going to keep taking pictures of my back porch chairs and when they completely disappear, I'm going to go to Florida and work remotely from Mom's house, or in our Tampa office. It really is beautiful snow, and I am watching it right now thru the sun room windows as I decided to work from home today. So I am not driving in it, which makes it enjoyable. We don't expect much today, only about 3 inches so that's not too bad.

My basement "studio" is almost finished, we just have to put up something on the ceiling and get down a warm cozy rug. I've been itching to sew and don't have a table to do it on! I was using an old dining room table, which was hurting my back and was a bad shape (round) for sewing on - so I forced myself to put the table somewhere else and force myself to buy some kind of a sewing table. Any suggestions from sewers or quilters? I was thinking of one of those craft tables, but it would be nice to have a place to store the machine and threads also. I don't want one of those old fashioned sewing cabinets like my grandma had, I didn't find them very useful. I've been looking on line at the cabinets that fold up into nothing and then open up to show some great space. So any hints or suggestions would be appreciated. I have two or three quilts waiting to be constructed and also need to finish the quilts for my nephews.

I'll show a picture of the finished basement soon, I'm also thinking of doing the white lights around the ceiling edge. Trite, but pretty.


Debra Kay said...

I am looking forward to my trip to Sarasota in January. I'm sorry my friend is having her thyroid removed (or part of it) but I'm not sorry that I have to be in Florida in January....LOL.

Forever Young said...

can't wait to see the basement. keep warm and safe in all that snow.