Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year resolutions????

In Loretta's blog she outlines her approach for New Years resolutions and I like the way she has prioritized her hopes for each category. I love lists, but usually find NewYear resolutions too overwhelming - I like this approach and am going to do the same.

Heart - continue to be open to family and friends, be supportive of my husband and LISTEN to him with a more open mind. (30 some-odd years can dull the hearing abilities). I want us not to regret any moments spent together - and to treasure each other for the individuals that we are. Have fun with him, and try to keep up with his activies.
Tall order, neither one of us is an angel - but it's worth a try isn't it? He really is my whole heart.

Family - help my family go thru the changes that come with aging, at all ages! Be supportive and helpful to mom and dad as they both go thru the next year, try like the dickens NOT to tell them what to do, but to work with them to make sure they are happy, healthy and that the bills get paid. (that story is for another post). Be there for my nieces, two of whom are going thru personal growth issues and changes. Treasure my nephews and see them as much as possible this year. (love those boys like crazy)

Wallet - be a little bit more frugal this year Stella! Stop buying unneeded art supplies. Try to sell some quilts. Diversify. Invest wisely, or at least as wisely as possible. Right now there are no looming costs, but being prepared for a rainy day is always in my sights.

Health - Get this weight issue taken care of once and for all for goodness sakes! I don't know exactly what will work, but that darned honest mirror just won't lie to me! I did make some inroads recently, but we're talking major changes here in lifestyle. With our February move to a work site MUCH closer to home, I plan to get back to the gym and begin a regular routine again. But health isn't only about weight is it? Work on the other stuff too - get back to the Dr. and get going on other delayed issues.

Create - sign up for more art classes and complete 3 projects. Go to Virginia in May for Art and Soul. Enjoy art. Draw. Don't worry about the outcome. Have fun.

Work - Do a darned good job but LEAVE work at work and keep home for home. Remember, no one ever regretted not spending more time at work.

Spirit - I don't belong to any organized religious group, and don't plan to start attending temple. I simply haven't found one that meets my needs in any way. What would do my spirit good is to get a dog. Work on this. Use my journal more as a guide to how I feel about issues, and my resolutions.

I think that's the main issues covered. There is still the list which includes things like: clean my closet, find all the tops to the tupperwear containers etc etc etc. but all that can wait.

Happy New Year to all


ksklein said...

i had to laugh when i read about the tupperwear containers and their lids. i have moved around 4 times now (always with a box full of cntainers and lids which do not match) and everytime i tell myself that i should really check and sort out the boxes and lids.

this way of writing down the resolutions n categories is vry nice. love your thoughts on it. good luck with getting the new dog! :)

ksklein said...

BTW: In my New Years Post I´ll be posting a pic showing how to deal with the weight issue. But it´s not very tasteful, I have to admit! ;)

Debra Kay said...

Oh oh oh-find a wonderful dog! They are the most amazing spiritual guides ever. I think it's no coincidence that I find myself with two elderly dogs at the same time I find myself with three elderly family members-Dottie and Bitty are teaching me a lot about aging. I have a catch in my throat as I realize soon they will teach me about loss-their last loving act.

I've found as I slowly reconnecting to my art, I am connecting to the world again in ways I never have before.

You've got some great resolutions.

BlissHill said...

I really like this idea, and have promised myself to work on it on New Years Day, when all 'the doing' is over.

Thank you for posting it.

Sarah said...

Well good luck with these. Personally I never make them :)

Lynn said...

Oh I like this one too. We have more in common than I realized.
Husbands of 30 yrs...oh how human we too, to appreciate more! Temple did lift my spirits for about eight years recently stopped regular attendance. Did find a quilter friend from there though just recently...still serves a need...loved the health part...will blog what I am eating today...looks so healthy...
nix on the art supplies, you probably WILL use them...or at least this is what I am telling my self. ;-)

Enjoyed this.

Sorry for your friends loss.