Friday, December 7, 2007

Before picture

This is funny. We are getting ready to paint the basement and I took pictures of a packed up basement to post as "before" pictures. I am so embarrassed. I HAVE SO MUCH CRAP!

Okay - deep breath. Here's the story. We lived for years in a tiny antique cape without a basement, only a cellar (those of you who don't know the difference - let me know and I'll explain) We built this house about 5 years ago and it had this enormous basement and I thought - " all that space, I'll never run out of room again". Famous last words. Now nothing get's thrown out - it just goes into the basement. It's like we've gone crazy with the available space, and we just have to fill it up.

We have the second fridge down there, and a table and microwave - a genuine basement italian kitchen. We really don't use it, except for the fridge, but we're reluctant to get rid of it. Why...well we have the space so why throw it out?

We have a workout area (no- not me!) and a washer and dryer, and a ping-pong table that is perfect for cutting quilts out on. And then we have "my" room, which started out with an old sofa and chair and an old TV. And then I started making decorated boxes - so I bought stuff to do that craft. Then I started watercolor...then acrylics...and more crafty stuff...and more art stuff...and quilts. And my miniature rooms (altho' I've been doing miniatures for years) It's all gotten so out of hand - I feel a bit overwhelmed. And it's so damm embarrassing.

We decided that the basement needed some work, so we got more electricity down there and heat. Now it needed painting as the grey cement walls are just so ugly. I was hoping that the painter could wait until after New Year but oh no...he's coming Monday to start the job. Okay - I've been traveling for a week, going to company parties, and I have to pack up ALL that crap that I have accumulated over the past few years and get the space ready for painting. And take the cork tiles off the wall and scrape off the macho glue that I had to use on the cork to get it to stick to the concrete.

I am determined to give stuff away this weekend. All the paints that I don't use anymore, causeI know better now. Alot of the crafty stuff that I never used in the first place. I'm going to get the place painted, and then sorted, and put things in boxes with labels, and give stuff away to the Goodwill. Container store - here I come. I really really hope that I can end up with less stuff, and therefore, more quality time. Right now I spend too much time cleaning up - just trying to make a space to work in.

There is alot of talk about cleaning this week. Perhaps its the season?


steve said...

Oh yeah, sometimes it takes events like this to realize you can get rid of some things and make some space for yourself again. It's a good feeling. Good luck with it all!

Debra Kay said...

I'm drowning in stuff. I really thought I did a good job of cutting back before I moved, but I've got some more cuts to make.

Forever Young said...

de-cluttering is very good for the soul.