Sunday, December 16, 2007

You have HOW much snow?

Actually it isn't that much, we are used to this around here. It's just that the past few years have gotten us spoilted, as they've been "open" years with little snow.
Here is a picture of my back deck with table and chairs on Friday morning.

Here is is tonight - Sunday

Not that much different. To me the difference is between having to drive in it or not. We stayed home today all day, cleaning the basement, while the snow fell on and on. I understand that it has now turned to sleety rain - all the more reason to stay inside - altho snowshowing in this would be alot of fun.


ksklein said...

The snow and these chairs are just phantastic. Were did you get these chairs from?

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Debra Kay said...

Snow shoeing-I've always wanted to try that. In the logic of my mind, you would be less likely to fall because you have a broader base. More than the cold, it's the falling down that bothers me.

Looks like you have good snow for snow ice cream. That's such an Okie thought-my goodness, there is a lot of it, do you think we could EAT it?

Forever Young said...

to me, who grew up without any snow, and only sees a smattering here in london, this is like a winter wonderland, lovely, but gonna be oh so slushy and messy.

Gerald said...

I love these photos, especially that second one. Sort of draws my attention to that tiny shed in the back ground. Great story telling with this composition. Glad you were able to capture the moment and share it :)

ElizT said...

Yes, I agree with that; and the perfect chairs for snow.

Lisa said...

I don't envy the snow, but I love these pictures and your wonderful chairbacks peeking through. Very pretty photos.

Happy holidays!


pomegranatesandpaper said...

Love the photos of the summer outdoor chairs and table holding their winter bouquets of snow! Boston definitely got more than the NY metro area, but it's not going away fast enough for me.

Merry, merry Christmas!


Netster said...

ohhhh Im not so sure when will I get to see snow like that! hahahaha nice

cheers & hugs & Merry Christmas

Mim said...

Thanks all for your comments!

Anonymous said...

I think if I were a little kid, I'd spend hours having imaginary adventures on those chairs..snow or no snow.

It looks like you got even more than we did, unless there's a giant birthday cake hidden under there.