Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Haven't been on line in a few days...

I have been so busy with work and parties and buying presents and painting/cleaning the basement that I haven't even been able to read anyones blogs for a few days. So it's nice to have a few minutes at lunchtime to catch up.

While cleaning the basement I found a lot of old doggy stuff that I decided to give to the local no kill shelter. Gave them a cat carrier, and a doggy door and a few other items. And of course, I stuffed my usual money into the bin and bought dog treats for all of the inmates. I go along the line, talking to all the dogs and giving them little treats and pets. Buddy Dog is a great place to find dogs - not that I have gotten one from there, but I do know people who have. I don't know how Bernie does it - it just breaks my heart to look into their eyes. There was one dog who gravely took the treat that I offered and went off to nibble on it. When I came back around to his cage, I offered another treat and he rejected it...all he wanted was to be petted. He gave me his paw, and offered up his back for a scratch. He was a solemn dog and very serious about having human contact. There was a gorgeous chocolate lab - who gave me that special Lab look, but when I went to ask about him at the desk , it turns out that he is part of a duo - his other half is a Weimaraner- not my favorite dog. There were two Boston Terriers there - another set of dogs, and they were so cute together!

Lunch is over - back to work!


Forever Young said...

you've been given the True Blue Blogging Award.
see my newest post.
big warm hugs

Debra Kay said...

I would sometimes go to the SPCA in downtown Dallas on my lunch hour. I enjoyed petting the dogs and offering them a treat or a little comfort.

Anonymous said...

Yes me too. Before Spike, after I'd drop the kids off at WalMart(we have no mall here, so they hang out at's pathetic, we are all too hopelessly aware of it)..Anyway,I'd go and take a shelter dog on a walk through the cemetary. There were some beauties there and I'd always fall in love. Dogs get me like that...even if they can't play the gutiar.