Monday, February 11, 2008


I have seen the initials "DH" on other blogs and had no idea what it really stood for. I knew that it was in relation to a Husband but all I could think of was "Designated Hitter/Husband". (too much Red Sox for me eh?). So I typed DH into Google and got:

Dear Husband
Decapitated Husband
Darn Husband
Delicious Hottie


I think I'll stick with "Tony". or maybe "himself".



ksklein said...

*lol.... that´s too funny... dran husband.

our first religious wedding was in philadelphia and somehow i had only a few weeks to plan a simple wedding in a different country. so i signed up at where you can get a lot of help from all the american ladies there (some of them planning their wedding for 5 years!!). anyway i got a lot of help from the ladies in philadelphia and i also kept wondering about the DH. until someone explained it to me. it is supposed to mean DARLING husband. somehow i prefer darn husband. *lol that just sounds too funny.

ksklein said...

himself? that is great too! :D

ksklein said...

sorry... this is the third post. but i just had to comment on the pic. it´s lovely. who does it show?

what about your "100 ideas"? i haven´t been able to do any progress with that. i hope to get back to it soon.

Debra Kay said...

My uncle used to call his son "himself"...that's cute.

Mim said...

The picture above is my husband (or DH) and his dad who looks exactly like Tony does now. Tony was about 2 in this picture and it was the beginning of his love for airplanes.

100 ideas is coming back to life after the holidays, just picked up the list again. I'll post soon.

Michele said...

That's such an amazing picture. Thanks for sharing.

Forever Young said...

you know how much i adore black and white pics, this is adorable, what about just simply 'damn him'?

caseytoussaint said...

That one always bothered me too! How about DD? any ideas on that one?

Lynn said...

I've always used DH (dear husband) as I learned it here in blogland, and used it to keep some anaynimity for my DH who is a very private person. Unlike me who uses my real first name, and tells every aspect of my life (almost) for the whole world to see.

Wonderful photograph. You can just imagine the fathers feeling showing the world to his young son.