Sunday, February 3, 2008

Scary things

I was just looking at Steve's post for Blanket and realized that I didn't have childhood memories of monsters in the closet. Or under the bed. or waiting in the dark bathroom. I was scared of real things, like what if my parents divorced or died, or if a world war happened again. I was scared that if a war happened, that all the jews would get rounded up again, and I'd be one of them. I was scared to walk out of the house without my cousins...but I was never scared about monsters. or goulies. or bloodsucking anythings.
IFN has "extreme dreams" this week, and again...I have none. My dreams are mostly nice and calming. At least the ones I remember.
I wonder if I am blocked...or just boring?


Debra Kay said...

I bet you were worried about nuclear war, being left behind if your parent's were gone...some of us really didn't need monsters, did we?

My dilemma when I was going to church with the neighbors was "what if Jesus came and took me and left my parents?" (who are not bad people but this was an our way or no way church). I quit going to church with the neighbors cause I didn't want to leave my parents behind.

I was probably 8 or 9 years old and I made the decision to risk my eternal soul. Yes Mim, some of us don't need ghouls at all.

Mim said...

Deb - you are totally right. I did worry about nuclear war! And when I was 10 my parents sent me to a summer camp in Switerland and I think that there was some kind of crisis in the US, and I was convinced that I would never get home.

Yup, those were my ghoulies.

steve said...

Great post Mim, and thanks for the credit here. Yeah, I think childhood was a combination of the deeper, more serious fears while at the same time, those more juvenile concerns--like scary monsters hiding in the closet. Kids are more complex than we give 'em credit for.

Lynn said...

My heart hurts for your little girl fears. It was a scary time.
I remember having to duck under our desks in school in air raid drills. What US crisis the Cuban Missle Scare?

Your self portraits are fun. Love the purple hair.

ksklein said...

mim, your post made me remember some childhood dreams. well, i was afraid of monsters. hopefully i´ll find the time to draw them for ifn.

didn´t you tell your parents about your worries when they sent you to switzerland?