Monday, February 11, 2008

Thinking of Heat

Around this time of year, my thoughts turn away from snow and cold and mentally I am in the tropics. It's a time of year where bad hair decisions can be made - where you head for the hair dye aisle at the local drugstore, just to see a change! (Big mistake, took me a year to get over that one) Last time I was in Florida I saw so many little lizards that I started drawing a few. Here are two that I finished up last night. Yes, I know that the lizards in Florida are mostly green, but it's my imagination and I just had fun with it.

I want the heat to return. I love the snow, but am sick of the snow...and freezing cold...and more snow coming tomorrow. No daffodils here !


ElizT said...

Never satisfied, we begin to wish for cooler days.

Fern said...

love those leaves! the layers of colors are beautiful.

and yes shall we have a kvetch about the snow.OY!

Teri C said...

Those little guys are so cute. They really like it warm, saw so many in Hawai's also.

Love the deer photo. I have the same thoughts when I see them munching on my hostas.

Debra Kay said...

I love those lizards in Florida. I woke up today missing Florida very much, but here is where I live, and so I tried to think of things to "brighten" up my day. Little did I know, I could have just logged in here. Thanks Mim.

Loretta said...

No daffys here, either! Even if there were, they'd be covered with this powdery, icy snow!

We usually seem them after St. pat's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Forever Young said...

can't believe all those trees are your property, whew big. ha ha your lizards must be a distant relation of mine. happy lizard day to you mim.

Lynn said...

Wonderful leaves and lizard Mim.
You chose the side of the world to live in where spring takes a bit longer to arrive than my side. But I can just about assure you that it will come. Concentrating on your lizard and leaf will surely help pass the time.