Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Animal Wednesday - resorting to vids again

funny and cute and fishie


There are no live animals here in the northeast that aren't hibernating. I swear. Occasionally I think I see a squirrel but it is usually a leaf. I'm resorting to animal videos and papermache animals....

But then again...Miss Em paperclay (soon to be unveiled) does need her doggie sidekick doesn't she???

Happy Animal Wednesday


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Can't wait to see Miss Em and her sideckick. Of course she needs him.

Lynn said...

Well as a human animal, I can well appreciate that fact that the four legged varieties would prefer to stay hidden and warm in your cold climes this time of year!
Come see what flew past me this past weekend! HAW!!!

Amanda said...

no squirrels at all?? a tough winter indeed!

btw loved the evolution of the clay man in previous posts -- is miss em his companion?

sukipoet said...

gosh between you and Lolo I am now craving some paperclay to play with.

Amazingly I saw a chipmonk dash across the road this morning as I drove in TEN degrees BELOW zero to Keene. How does the little fella stay alive!!!!!

studio lolo said...

Mim, the water droplet video was cute but I love you for posting the instructional!!! I think someone I know is hooked on this new medium ;)

I'm so going to check out her site and probably get my chubby hands on her book!

Can't wait to see Ms. Em's pooch :)

Wow, I'm so amateur.


Robin said...

Cute fishies! And...thank you for the instructional video.... now, I have an idea of what paper clay is - and how one creates with it.

I can't wait to see Miss Em's doggie!

Belated HAW!


♥ Robin ♥

kj said...

what am i waiting for? two paper clay packages and one dr. suessy idea. this inspires and grounds me!

but no paper for me (yet). just clay.

you and lo are going to be entertaining and wowing the rest of us with your creations. my reaction to everything you each do is always woo-hoo gratitude.

love you sis...