Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend fun

I have 3 little figures that I've been working on - and a bowl. I'm trying different things with this paper clay to understand it's strength's and it's weakness. It can be slumpy, and it will warp if it's too thin. But overall it's fun to use and play with. I did paint the Ms. Em statue and will show it sometime - I'm actually not crazy about it. The painting came out OK - how wrong can you go with yellow shoes and a face, but I just don't know. I haven't painted the dog yet - and might just keep him neutral.

But - this weekend I also made a little PaperClay Book. Just 4 "pages" with painting and things glued on - it was good to rummage around in my stash and find things to use in a little book like this.

And I finished this little hanging plaque.

Home certainly is where the heart is. and where the fireplace is when you just got another 6 inches of snow.

Hope you had a lovely weekend - I've got about 10 little statues in my head so be prepared!


studio lolo said...

where do I begin???????

A book??? I love that idea! And how did you get the paint to go only into the design of your house tile? I find this stuff so porous. I think the next pieces I do I'm going to varnish them first and then put glazes on, rub them off and so on.

Today I made a few tiles and a wacky little bunny. It looks so easy, but dang this is hard!

Awesome stuff girlfriend!


hahahaha! word veri is "cialin"

Maybe we get as much fun from paper clay as cialis!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

You are having way to much fun. these are looking great. Keep having fun and sharing with us.. bummer about the six inches.. Guess that groundhog has lots to answer for....:))

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are way cool experiments Mim. I really like that book. I have thought of something similar. Maybe I will get on with it after seeing yours. I am glad you had sucha creative weekend.

Lori ann said...

omgosh mim! i go away for a week and look at all you've created! the figures are fantastic, i love them and can't wait to see them painted, i think you'll do fantastic.

i love the book too, it's really a little work of art. i don't know how you did it.

and the photos you've done, with the neutral (or yellow) background, brilliant.

i'm hoping your snow goes away now. sorry for praying for some.


Teri C said...

Oh my goodness, that book is AWESOME!!!!

Lynn said...

I love what comes out of your head!
The book is a gem. Who'd a thought? From clay yet! Nu?
Love all the embellishment choices!
Sweet home/heart'd you get the color stamp on? Just a color ink on a stamp? Cool!

PAK ART said...

You are being very creative! Go for it! I am really wanting to get my fingers into this paper clay - I looked at a recipe online and it looks fairly simple. Not sure about the molding part though.

sukipoet said...

as everyone else has said, i love the book. interesting to read the comment from Pak-Art. You can make the paper clay? I am pretty sure you are buying it right? but i do have some kaolin powdered clay so maybe i can make some. I want to try a book too.

by the by: i really liked the dog plain.

marianne said...

You are really amazing with this new medium!!!!!
Awesome things you made there!

kj said...

A BOOK?!!!!

i can SEE you in your studio! what joy it brings me, honestly!!

i would have never thought of making a book with that paperclay in a million zillion years.

you are sneaky mim: you look like you are a student and you are really a master teacher. no more fooling me. ♥

Mim said...

Note: I'm buying my paper clay directly from the creative paperclay website, but it get's expensive. I might try another recipe, but not a papermache one (with the tissue paper). I want a clay recipe not a paper mache recipe. I'll let you all know if I find one.

Katiejane said...

I like this book. Very clever idea. Stay warm.

Annie said...

Mim, I LOVE this book!!!!!! Perhaps I should make a porcelain book, you have my wheels turning!
Make more!!!! xoxo