Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arty Lunch day and Friday Night Drawing

Arty Lunch
As you know, Lo, KJ and I planned an art day/lunch day this week. I set the table in advance of my guests arrival, prepared a sumptious meal and eagerly awaited their arrival. Before I go much further - here is a little history of our planned meetings over the past few years.

1) KJ and I conspired to meet at Lo's house two Christmas ago. I hadn't met Lo yet, she had just moved back to the northeast, and had also just moved into a new house. I got lost getting to her house, was about 2 hours late, and kept calling KJ so she could whisper (sometimes hissing) me directions. Well, I got there finally and we had a lovely time.

2) We were supposed to meet on the cape with DebraKay for a girls weekend. I reserved a lovely little cottage to stay in. The my MIL got sick with a heart problem and boom - I couldn't make it. They had a wonderful time and sent me all kinds of presents.

3) Again...we planned to meet on the cape this past summer with Marianne this time and again...boom MIL got sick and I couldn't make it. The three of them - of course - had a lovely time and sent me all kinds of presents.

4) YART did work out - just lovely. I thought the curse was over!

Back to this week.

Lo got to my house and skated over my iced over driveway to the door and we hugged and started chatting. We watched for KJ, as we knew she would be arriving soon. Ah yes...there's her car driving into my driveway - so we went out to meet her and make sure she didn't fall on the ice. She get's out of the car and says "I can't stay". I thought she was joking but no - she had just gotten a phone call that her mom had fallen, broken her arm, might be other issues. Ah yes...the curse is on again. KJ stayed for about 20 minutes, getting ready for the drive back, and then left to go back out to western mass. She had no time for my sumptuous lunch poor thing, but we did make her drink a cup of relaxing tea.

And you know what? Lo and I (while missing KJ) had a LOVELY day, and we will be sending KJ some presents.

We'll see what happens next time!

Friday night drawing
My Friday night drawing class this time is not portrait or life drawing, it's basic drawing. Last night we did perspective and I loved it - what a great tool this is! Big brown paper up on the wall, strings for rulers from the vanishing points and off we went.

This is a two point perspective drawing - of course, my favorite type of subject. Tom - the instructor - just laughed when he saw it and helped with certain aspects of the drawing.

Then I tried a three point perspective and while I didn't have a chance to finish it - I started getting the idea. What a great tool this is going to be for the comics! I plan on going back to some of them and redoing a few drawings from different perspectives - what FUN!!

I am learning so much in this class - wish it was longer, it ends in three sessions. But next session I can do comics again, and an in depth class on perspective. Should be interesting.

So...that was my week. Fun, a little disappointing, but good overall.


Lynn said...

Oh! That does seem like too many misses. I won't call it "a curse" but something. Disappointment sigh!
I'm glad KJ at least got to see your BEAUTIFUL home. Oh my! Such a huge room so beautifully decorated!
And glad she stayed for the cup of tea. I would love to see the art that you and Lo made together. (you did make art right?) Or did you just talk and talk and talk?
Can you tell I am wishing I had been there too? I am! Someday!

And one day the 3 of you will have your girlfriends day again all together this time.

Lynn said...

PS: I forgot to mention the wonderful perspective drawings! They are great Mim! You get the hang of things so quickly and do them so well. I too got a chuckle from your humor! Wonderful!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

OH wow.. you three do have a time of it hooking up together. I hope the next time it works out. But Yart day did work out so it cant be a curse just bad timing. How long was the drive Poor KJ had to drive? Such a dissappointment to her for sure.
Love your sense of humor. The drawings are great.

Baino said...

Oh I read about your lunch over at kjs shame you three didn't get together but there will be more I'm sure. I have three friends from years ago and we get together as regularly as we can and it's like no water's flowed under the bridge in the times in between. Glad you made the most of yours. (Your dining room looks lovely)

sukipoet said...

glad to hear you and Lo were able to continue on and have fun despite the upset w/kj's mom and kj's leaving and all.

Perspective: great!

Can I meet with you guys sometime?

Teri C said...

That is amazing the way things happen but at you do get some of you together!
Your house is beautiful and ready for friends.
Fun perspective work Mim.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope that KJs Mom is ok. What a disappointment. I am glad that Lo could stay with you. Sounds like a marvelous time. Your class also sound great.

studio lolo said...

crap, that means I'm the next one to have a crisis!

Wonderful day Mim, even though Ms. KJ had to leave. Thank goodness her mom is doing well.
And I'm so happy she left that pumpkin bread and gingerbread ;P

Your driveway was the biggest challenge of the day! Holy do you just pull into the garage without going sideways like I did?

Lunch was great. painting in your studio with you beside me was great. (I wished you painted with me.) And seeing all of your wonderful creations and your grandmother's art, pricelss!
Thank you Mim.
Next time, Ms. KJ.

And Suki...YES, you must join us when you can!


Robin said...

Heard the news from Lo and KJ.....darn, darn.....but....perhaps we will ALL meet in the Spring! I am (seriously) thinking of coming back for a visit!

Your home is as beautiful as I had imagined!

Love the new perspective in your drawing! Each tool you learn will enhance your already amazing art!


♥ Robin ♥

Lori ann said...

i thought you were meeting at the white house when i saw the photo. good grief mim. what a house! just beautiful!

i am sorry it didn't work out, for all of you. and that kj had that worry about her sweet mom. you are all due for a meeting for sure. what did you and lo paint?

your drawings are great!

kj said...

thank you for so many well wishes. since we are all friends for life, definitely there will be many great times ahead. but damn! so close and so near! it was hard.

mim, your house is so great. even in my short time, i can picture you in so many rooms now. you are so deserving.

and your studio!! i LOVED it, loved all your work. to have missed time there with you and lo watching your hands and brushes create magic, double damn!

st patrick's day!!!


kj said...

oh and your perspective. that second rendering is very very good.

syndication, baby!

Annie said...

No curse, not a curse! I see in my crystal ball that the next meeting will go without a hitch!
Lovely room, fun drawings!

PAK ART said...

I'm envious! I know that I will never get to sit with you all and enjoy a day of crafting, painting, and creating whatever the muses have planned....unless you all are still at it in 2020 and somewhere near Missouri. Your perspective drawings are great! I bet the teacher is surprisesd as well as the other students, to see those large salamanders crawling amongst the buildings!

Katiejane said...

That is so funny about your meetings. Wonder why they are so jinxed? Glad you and Lo had a good visit. Your dining room is lovely.

I remember learning about perspectives in high school art class and from my photographer father. It's been a while since I've thought about them, but yours look great. I especially like the lizzard holding up the file cabinets.