Saturday, September 15, 2007

Illustration Friday Night - September 15th

Topic: It's still a mystery to me.

PLUS - I am Pill of the week. Oh the Honor!!

Here is a watercolor of how I feel when people are talking loud and over each other, and constantly. Interesting that I did this after being with my extended family for a few days. Despite the love I have for them all, they always did overwhelm me. I was the quiet one in a family of talkers. I am short, they are all tall. The women are mostly flatchested and I - well, I'm not. It goes on.


Forever Young said...

wonderful, marvellous, so evocative.
think i must investigate watercolours more in my new course, i really do like the effect.

Mim said...

I am starting to like watercolors, but of course do not know the proper way to really use them. Very hard to control. The one piece of advice that Tony gave me was "with watercolors you go from light to dark" and that's all I remember. They can go well with my helter, skelter kind of drawing.

Forever Young said...

mmm, light to dark...aaah....mmmm