Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mouse Night

After 20+ years of living in a 200 year old house, I was used to mice. They managed to get in everywhere, mostly in the cellar and our solution was to fill the holes we could see with steel wool and to get a cat.

Then we built a new house and it is tight as a drum... or so I thought until tonight. I saw mr. or ms. mouse running along the ceiling in the basement. I fled. I don't like mice, especially ones over my head. What if he decided to take a running leap and landed on me - I'd freak. The basement is MINE, not the mouses. I have to figure out where he is coming from and how to keep him and his evil colleagues out of my basement. I don't like poison. I won't gently capture them and let them lose in the wild. They'll come back, they always do. It's cold outside. It's warm inside - they're not stupid.

The Navaho had taboo's against mice and in some stories would rather move out of a house that mice had moved into instead of cleaning up after the mice. And for good reason! Mouse droppings in the southwest can carry the Hanta virus, a nasty repiratory virus that would rather kill you than not. Puffing up their messes could kill you!
Me, I'm gonna clean the basement, with a respirator on, until I drop and then stuff steel wool everywhere and do something nasty...like a new cat.

I'm freaked out about this mouse.


Perriette said...

I think I must have good karma with mice, maybe because I rescued several from my cats. They don't visit. One place I lived they did but they never bothered my stuff, only tried eating the cat food. Silly mice!

Forever Young said...

oh no, we've just had mice problems here too...i just scream and jump on the nearest chair, have this awful fear they it will run up my leg!