Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 22 -

How to describe this day? Uplifing - yes. Draining - yes! Worth it - definetly yes!

We got to Portsmouth early so went to the harbor, walked around a bit.

I want one of these small houses. I could do it, commute to work from Portsmouth, spend the summers up there. It is such a great town, so much going on and a great combination of "real" port town ...with a great coffee shop.

The town was sponsoring "Fairy House" day. We were a bit skeptical, what a wierd name for a house we thought, but quickly found out that people build and submit little houses from organic materials and these are scattered thru the town. They are adorable! This one was called "Baba Yaga" - and note the chicken legs. This stuff is right up my alley and I just might enter my own next year.

We visited an old house, tours were given today. Wallace Nutting lived in this house and ran it as a museum in the early 1900's. I took pictures of the back door, in New England we normally don't use the front door. Usually the side door, or back door in this case.

The barn at the back where the finalists from the Fairy House Tour were stored and displayed.

Pictures from inside the house - it was so beautiful and well proportioned.
My usual first stop - the kitchen.

The kitchen hearth

A little bench behind the door to the kitchen. I wondered about this tiny bench. Was it for people to sit down and take their shoes off? Was it for grandma? or a hired hand? Either way, its the first such small bench that I have seen in an old house.

I scouted around and found the back stairs - they were so worn out but with a beautiful patina.

Why would you need two locks on the basement door. They won't keep the mice out.

The front Parlor - set for tea or something...

An upstairs hallway with a rocker.

I opened a closet, the door was ajar and I wanted a peak. It was filled with boxes and papers but I also saw this old book. I so wanted to see what it was but didn't want to touch it.

We went to Wentworth Mansion area for our life celebration for Bill. I think we were all nervous about how it was all going to work out, but of course with good friends it all worked out just fine. We had a toast to Bill, overlooking the area where his ashes were scattered, poured a libation into the sea and then told stories, ate, drank, cried and laughed. We spend the afternoon there, and eventually had to give in to the cold wind and go back to the apartment, where more friends came over (Karens sisters actually) and did more drinking, eating and story telling on the roof of the building. A very special night.

The inlet area with a lovely dory anchored.

Four Friends - celebrating life, mourning loss.

Finally, wrapped up in blankets - windy as all get out. Time to leave this beautiful spot.


ElizT said...

Thank you! That was better, first thing in the morning, than reading the newspaper.

Mim said...

Thanks E