Sunday, September 9, 2007

Saturday - still beautiful weather - in the AM

It was our 30+ something anniversary of either living together or married - you forget after that long. I woke up feeling sick but decided that some fresh air would help so we called friends and made plans to do something.

We went sports car riding and then hiking. I was a little bit leery of the hiking part as my 12-pin leg is always sore, but I did it. As we were driving out to the hike-place we saw thunderheads out in the distance but didn't think much about it. But when we got to "scenic vista" we felt the lightning coming on and decided that it wasn't such a great idea to be on top of a mountain with lightning slashing all around, and rain starting. So we started down. Our friends booked it right back to the car to get their top up. I was going at a good pace, turned around to see where Mr. T was ....and he wasn't there! I ran back up the hill calling for him, no joy. Decided that the best thing to do was to continue down - but the thunder was crashing, it was hard to see the color blazes on the trail and I was close to tears. Of course, I got down in about 20 minutes, to see the guys getting ready to come up and find me. Drama over but I will have something more with me next time. Like maybe a compass (but I don't really know how to use that in the woods) or a poncho, or matches or a flashlight. Yeah, a flashlight would have helped. or a dog who could lead me out of the woods.

I found this little frog ( or is it a toad?) just sitting in the path. That is one advantage of not being able to keep up with the others, I get to see more of the little things.

Getting ready to eat lunch right before we decided that the lightning was going to kill us probably.
It looks nice, but see that ominous black cloud starting overhead? It moved SO quickly.

Back at Tully Lake, fog shrouding the trees.

Wet cars. We used to have a Triumph years ago, but gave up on it - too much work. This red one has been completly restored by our friend who has had it since 1970 something.

As I told Mr. T later, the last time a guy abandoned me on a mountain, it was in the Rocky Mountains and my faithful dog, Parker, got me down the mountain. He really did. I would wander off the trail, and he would patiently wait for me at the trailhead and lead me to the right trail when I was ready to admit that I was lost. What a great dog he was! Not overly bright but very faithful. On the hike up that Rocky Mountain, he chased butterfly shadows for hours. I don't have a picture of him scanned in, so will have to find one. He was a rescue dog, half lab and half something else. Skinny and fast. Nervous. Stayed close to me. Was MY dog.
Note: Mr. T didn't really abandon me, he got lost himself and on the wrong trail and ended up on the road about 1/4 mile from our cars.
THIS is the way we usualy celebrate anniversary's. No fancy dinners for us, hell no! No diamonds - no sir!
We came home, I made a big batch of pastina and went to bed!

Anyway, drama over, it's raining now thank goodness, and I can stay at home and sew and draw without feeling like the outside is calling me to take advantage of the good weather.


ElizT said...

That's a great story. You and Forever Young have a little creature in common!

Forever Young said...

my hubby rebuilt a red t as a young man, then sold it on in the eighties. wonderful little things they are.

Forever Young said...

my little frog and your little frog.... sounds like a fun ditty! happy anni, we don't bother with those either anymore, once you're over 30 years...ho hum....