Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's been one of those weekend (so far)

Yes, I did start out the day at Sears buying a new sewing machine. Got the floor model for $102.00 and it normally is $250.00. I saw the same model on ebay for $239.00 so I think I got a good deal - its a Shark Euro - something. I was going to buy a Singer but all the reviews I read said to use Singer as a boat anchor. So I steered away from poor old comfortable Singer. The new one is electronic and has a quilting foot and can free style embroider - which is what I wanted. So I'm happy. Haven't set it up yet, haven't even gotten it in the house but it will be fun to try.

Went bike riding yesterday - still sore from that but it was fun. Went kayaking today and saw lot's of my favorite prehistoric animals - turtles. They were basking in the sun and were really soaking up the sunshine so I could get pretty close and take pictures. I felt like they must know that summer is ending and that they have to soak up as much sun as possible in order to make it thru the winter.
The day was so beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and slightly breezy, but warm. Warm enough to be in tee shirt and shorts yet not so hot that you didn't want to have your PFD (personal flotation device - we used to call them plain lifejackets) on.
I am trying to upload a video of a short non-paddling drift down the river - hmm, blogger seems angry - but see if you can hear the birds and chirpy bugs on the river.
Blogger won't let me put any more posts on this one, so I will start another one and just show them a thing or two.

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