Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday - Sept 5th

Seems like a long week already and it's only two days back at work, but traffic has gotten so bad with schools starting again. All of the students back in Boston -- woo boy - lots of cars. I have to leave the house at least by 6:30 am if I want to get to work by 8:00. It will get better as September winds down, people seem to get less itchy on the road.

I did this little ATC a while ago, ubiquitious boy with angel wings - but just added the words "This is not a toy" the other day, and suddenly the piece took on new meaning. So many people do treat their children like toys - but unloved ones - it breaks my heart to hear the stories. Anyway, I'm not going to trade this one, I like it too much right now.

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ksklein said...

I love the meaning of the atc. Beautiful!

Thanks for commenting on The Secret Butter Project. :)