Sunday, September 23, 2007

Smaller and smaller - Sunday night

I had a few posts for IFN smaller and smaller. First I posted this:

because I recently looked at my hands and they just felt too small to be doing all the things that I want to do. Actually, what I need is a few extra hands - that would help.

I sat by the side of a river today, doodling and did these. Some computer addition, but since I am still a total novice at that it was more to say that I did it than having it add any value.

3 Joes whose neck keeps getting smaller and smaller as he gets older and crankier.

I did some drawings of acorns today also, each one smaller than the last. Fooled around with these also with photoshop (trying photoshop for dummies). I had added shadows to the original drawing but they were terrible so I erased them out. But - the moleskin has a tint to it and you can see where the color changes. Why do people love these moleskins so much? They are OK, as far as I can tell but if you erase hard on the paper it changes color and obviously there is a tint when you scan them. I might stick to the watercolor ones.

And the original one that I never posted either - I don't know what it is, but they get smaller and smaller as they bounce along uphill.


ksklein said...

Hi Mim,

It wasn´t easy to catch up with the last 48 posts of your
blog, But finally I made it. Today I´m taking a little breakfast break before I´m off to the next round of shopping, planning and cooking for sukkoth.
I´ll have to plan 11 days, as during Chol Hamoed my daughter is having a birthday party, we´ll be inviting all the kindergaten kids to the sukkah and there is a German holiday too. I´m getting crazy already!
So I´m getting ready for this by reading your blog and relaxing. :)

Mim said...

Wow, busy you! Kids love sukkoth tho' and get such enjoyment out of eating outside. Relax and enjoy! they grow up so quickly.

Forever Young said...

all about perspective, i just got myself a book on that, will have to practise really hard.