Wednesday, November 28, 2007

100 things - circles - # 34

Kerstin and I now have a new partner, Casey Toussiant - who will join us in the 100 things project. I've said before how much I like this project, both Kerstin and I are finding that one thing/project leads to another. A drawing of a tree leads to thoughts about trees, and drawings of more trees, and thoughts about growing up in the city or in India. I'm finding that it's a bit of a 100 things journal - more than just a project. Casey's wonderful drawings will be a treat to see.

So, I did # 34 - "draw small circles and fill them in with color". This was a great exercise for me, I started off in my usual slapdash manner and found myself slowing down, adding color, outlining some circles and not others. Even as I look at this today, I think I might add some shadows ("where's your light source mim?" - continuous question from Tony). But the other thing that I like about this project is that it's totally on our own time, no deadlines, no competition - and I can add color as I please. Lovely project.


Lynn said...

Mim I posted the frayed edges for you to see on my blog site. Thanks for coming by and inquiring.
Your baby quilts are adorable.

caseytoussaint said...

Hi Mim! Thanks for letting me participate with you and Kerstin. I'm going to try this one today - I'll post the results later!
I really love the way yours came out.

Lynn said...

Mim, I found your chenille piece and it was very interesting to learn how you did this. Must be beautiful up close and in person. Is this a large quilt? Or a small art piece?
Happy quilting.
To find it I had to scroll through all of your posts (the address didn't work for some reason) but I got to see all that you do. Great drawing! Fun to see. Will continue to look at your works of art.

Debra Kay said...

I love circles. They are one of my favorite shapes. In Dallas, I collected bowling balls from the thrift stores and made a small "bowling ball garden".

Forever Young said...

surprising what can be done just with circles,may try it out this weekend, got so much to do before then, including drawing you!